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  1. I pretty much agree with what has been said. I actually obtained my B.A. from Berkeley and love the campus. As an undergrad, I attended some of GSSP's outreach/recruitment events and I know they have strong relationship with PPIA. I decided not to apply to GSPP because I decided I preferred the MPA and because I wanted to be in Los Angeles where USC has a stronger network. With that said, Berkeley does have a strong network in the Bay Area as well as in D.C(or is building one). I also think it's all relative when you consider what's important to you (i.e. course work/training, career services, name recognition or location). I'm pretty sure I'll be going to USC, but I'll always be a GOLDEN BEAR....rooooolllllllll ooooonnnnn yyyoooooouuuu bears!
  2. I don't have the Deans Merit invitation with me, but I believe written on the invitation is the web address for the Deans Merit Scholar Event. It has the Schedule of Events, SPPD Travel Reimbursement Form & some other stuff. You also can submit a brief bio about yourself to be included in the published materials.
  3. Benefactor, Yes there is a travel credit for those students who are selected to attend the event. Northern CA and Out of State students will have a portion of their airfare reimbursed.
  4. I believe SPPD tuition cost is based on number of units. The cost per unit last year was $1,360. 12 units x 1360=$16,320. That's how I calculated, but I'm not sure if that's how SPPD does it. Simply speculation. My $20k is split for the fall and spring semester. The balance I have to pay on my own.
  5. Not a problem. I was awarded $20k from SPPD GRE 1170 GPA 3.0 Any other questions let me know. Best!
  6. I was admitted to the MPA. My online status up until Saturday was that my application had been forwarded to the department and once a decision was reached I would be notified.Thursday, 2/24 I noticed someone had mentioned something about being admitted, so I checked my mailbox. That day I received a Standard welcome packet from Graduate Admissions...the packet read "Welcome to USC."Saturday morning, 2/26 I checked my online status and it said I would be receiving notification soon( I don't know the exact verbiage, but I think everyone has pretty much said the same thing)Saturday evening, 2/26 I checked my mailbox and received the welcome packet from SPPD w/funding.I just checked my online status it still says I will receive notification via postal serviceMy bet is that decisions are continuing to be made, funding truly is on a case to case basis. I mean I looked back into older post and I believe some applicants were not notified until early March, but still received funding. I don't work with adcom, but that's my opinion. Also, I'll say it again...it's based upon when your entire application is received and remember SPPD has about 9 programs 10 if you consider the online MPA a separate one. That equates to a lot of applications, and a lot decisions being made and a lot mail being sent. Best of luck!
  7. I had already received my packet from Graduate Admissions, but I just received my SPPD welcome packet on Saturday for the MPA. It was a packet full of information. My faculty adviser was listed, information about the Dean Merit event as well as funding. To be completely honest, I'm a little shocked I received the award letter I did, but I'm happy. I didn't think I would receive any funding...or the most would be $2k. I'm in such disbelief that I'm waiting for SPPD to say it's a mistake. I think part of my disbelief is viewing everyone's stats on this forum and feeling like I didn't measure up. Or that I wouldn't get admitted, but if I was admitted I definitely wouldn't get funding. I say all that to say...remain positive. Just because you haven't heard back doesn't mean the answer is denied. Mailing out acceptances cannot be done in 1 DAY esp. considering SPPD has many programs.
  8. I actually submitted my application on Monday night December 20...I believe. I don't think it's when you submit your application as much as it is when all of your documents have been received(i.e. recommendations, transcripts and test scores). I didn't submit my application until the 20( because I wasn't comfortable with my SoP and it was too long)....but everything else had already been received. They can't review your application until all these documents are together. No, I wasn't notified by email. In fact my status on the Grad school website still says everything has been forwarded to my department/school for review and once a decision has been made I'll be notified. I noticed someone else had been notified via postal service, so I said let me check the mail when I get home(I hadn't checked the mail in a couple of days). I had a big packet that read "Welcome to USC" on the outside. The letter is dated February 23, 2011. Keep in mind I'm in Los Angeles and perhaps that is why I received my official notification so soon. Best of luck!
  9. Hey- I was admitted to SPPD's MPA program. On 2/24 I received a packet in the mail with a letter from the USC Dean of Admissions, it wasn't from SPPD. The packet didn't talk about funding or anything. It was just a packet discussing housing, tuition, scholarships and other stuff. In the back of the book was the statement of intent form. I would assume that SPPD like other schools sends out notifications in batches. I know it is easier said than done, but I say relax.
  10. Hey All- I heard back from USC SPPD as well. I was admitted to the MPA. I was notified via postal service and the notification was from graduate admissions not SPPD. I hope that helps someone. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!
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