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  1. In terms of the foreign language stuff--I have a reading knowledge of German, but don't have any classes on my college transcript indicating this. Do you think it would be wise to start a second language, take an upper level german class to get it on my transcript, or none of the above because adcoms don't care if it's on your transcript/there are other ways of indicating language proficiency on the app?
  2. So would you recommend just reading straight through the Norton Anthology instead of picking a few authors to focus on? Although I've taken survey philosophy classes that have basically covered Plato to Foucault, my approach to teaching myself theory outside of class has just been to pick authors that interest me and then read representative books. The field just seems overwhelming sometime, every professor seems to have their pet theorists they bring up all the time. Is it expected to have a very broad knowledge of 20th C. criticism and a solid background on pre-20th C. stuff, or is it expect
  3. I'm currently an undergraduate sophomore studying English. I'm definitely interested in pursuing a PhD in English—my interests right now are the realist novel and American lit 1918-1939. Although I've read a decent amount of theory, I'm looking for lit crit/theory texts that are must reads if I'm preparing for an advanced degree in English. Also, any suggestions as to productive summer activities? I'll be doing an internship around 15 hours a week, so I'll have time to spare. Thanks for the help.
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