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  1. I received my notice in the mail today. Two "excellent" and one "very good." Just missed the cutoff. :-)
  2. Haven't heard anything here. I'm sure their offices close at 5pm EST (Washington DC). So if no one hears in the next few hours, its probably not going to be until next week...
  3. Last year, the earliest people heard was the first/second week of April. Thanks for the SPAM pigbenis
  4. jpf1282

    Wait List

    If you live close enough to UNC I guess you could drive there and save a few bucks.
  5. jpf1282

    Wait List

    yea, a big waste of time. good luck with the rest of your applicants. if you hear anything from your waitlisters, come back and post it here.
  6. jpf1282

    Wait List

    Congrats! I'm glad to hear you liked it--thats what matters. I'm visiting Notre Dame and Texas in march. I don't think I will be able to visit UNC unless they take me off the waitlist well before April 15th.
  7. jpf1282

    Wait List

    thanks for the advice concerning UT. Im going to visit in a few weeks, that should give me a better idea. If you haven't heard anything and a large number of people have...that generally means you are on the waitlist. Some schools just wait it out and don't notify applicants that they are indeed on the waitlist.
  8. jpf1282

    Wait List

    Although I am happy with my two acceptances, it never hurts to have a third or fourth option. Im keeping my fingers crossed. We'll see.
  9. jpf1282

    Wait List

    Anybody having luck with their wait list situation?
  10. jpf1282


    there seems to be activity from princeton sociology, has anyone else heard anything?
  11. jpf1282

    Wait List

    anyone else on a waitlist? Lets use this thread as a resource for those who are in limbo...
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