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  1. If anyone would like to help me TRY to interpret the data I received on UW's tenure-track placement rates at some point (from Kathy; via email), that would be wonderful. I would like to restate that I'm THRILLED with this school as an academic fit, and with the surrounding situation. I'm a little frustrated, however, with how hard it's been to work out the concrete, practical realities of the program.
  2. I will self-servingly BUMP this forever if I must! Anyone out there with a pending acceptance?
  3. Bill-Hart Davidson informs me that his five new PhD candidates have been chosen. Am said to not be one, but Michigan State has been an AWESOME school to communicate with anyway.
  4. Thanks for the well-wishes. I'll be just fine. Three excellent PhD programs are possible, and my employment situation doesn't suck in case I decide to wait a year.
  5. Thanks Truckbasket...I just meant to say humorously that I don't need much advice on program selection. I feel like, should I have to apply again next year, I'll be in a very strong and informed position. It wasn't funny because my April 15th stuff was less than fun (though nothing actually went wrong). I can certainly use a good book for the remainder of the PhD-gettin' process.
  6. What aspect of the graduate experience does the book focus on? I don't want to read a book that details how to make good choices in areas I've already screwed up.
  7. I'd like to say: A. Right on to everyone in here, especially Tortola. That was a very heartwarming and inspiring message and I'm so glad things have worked out for you. Clearly you deserve it. B. I look forward to being in a position to celebrate with you all, whether it's in a couple of days, a couple of weeks, or a year from now. In the meantime, I'm still waiting/confused. Moreover, I've had a curveball or two thrown in my direction right around the time when things are supposed to be clearing up. As I've discovered, "The Day After" is not a unifying day of resolution. This will be so
  8. Just received a message indicating that the rhetoric PhD is still in flux. If anyone has any info about the status of their application (especially an accepted application, of course), I'd appreciate it.
  9. Well hey, unless the circumstances of your decline were negative, that works out well for me (and anyone else who may or may not be on the list).
  10. Sivie: Sorry to hear we won't be working together at UWa. Thanks for all of the conversations we got to have (I'm not sure I would've taken the trip to Seattle without your input). Best of luck!
  11. Sorry I won't see you at UW (if I end up there) Tortola, but congratulations!!!!!
  12. Sanchez: The director of my potential program...which, as you've indicated, is not the same as yours...replied to an email I sent to her and told me that the total number of applicants on their list is "no bigger than ten." That includes all original acceptances and waitlists. She would not offer specifics regarding my place in that ten-or-less person list, saying that me knowing that part wouldn't make any difference in my chances. Finally, she told me I belonged among "the best and the brightest," which was of course very flattering. I suggest contacting the director of your program,
  13. Self-serving BUMP #2. Would love to hear from anyone accepted or waitlisted for the PhD in Rhetoric; I don't see any people falling into either category in "Waitlisters Paradise" either.
  14. Self-serving BUMP #1. I don't see any comments in "Waitlisters Paradise" on this program and would love to know what the originally-accepted students are thinking, aside from "stamoci."
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