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  1. Last year I tried to apply straight into a PhD program in public policy with little success. In retrospect I think I should have applied to all MPP programs instead. A few offered automatic consideration for the MPP program, so I ended up at UMD - College Park with a 1/2 grad assistantship. I certainly dont want to waste a year in student loans, but I'm wondering if it's worth applying to WWS's MPA program this fall, given it's generosity with financial aid. WWS does not admit transfers, so I would have to take the full two years in addition to the year at Maryland. Supposing I did
  2. Thanks guys. I really appreciate it. Is a graduate assistantship the best chance at impressing faculty, co-authoring papers, publishing, etc.?
  3. Just got in-state tuition, $6,000 in tuition remission, and $7,000 GA stipend for the MPP at Maryland. What do you guys think now?
  4. Also, how likely is it to get funding after your first year? How likely is it to get into the PhD track after your MPP?
  5. Hey all, I am about to finish Teach for America and am looking to go to graduate school public policy. Originally I wanted to get a PhD in Public Policy because I thought I wanted to work at a think tank and eventually wanted to teach at a university. Plus, I thought I would receive tuition and stipend financial support. However, most of these schools I applied to for a PhD are putting me in the MPP track with partial funding. I already have about 13k in debt from undergraduate and am concerned about taking on more debt for an MPP or PhD. Below is a summary of the schools I have gotten
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