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  1. ... Anyone? ... I have yet to hear from two of these programs and am waitlisted at one. The wait is torture and I would really like a trip to Atlantic City until this blows over. Of course, an acceptance this week would be just as awesome. If anybody officially declined one of these schools, please share.
  2. One of my schools began notifying accepted students and I didn't get a response. So I contacted the DGS to find out if a decision had been made on my application (being that they likely decided their admits and rejects). I was told that my application is still being reviewed and that the adcomm has basically finished making final decisions. Hmm. So am I the very last applicant to decide yay or nay on, or am I lumped in some sort of unofficial wait list? The thing is, some people have already posted on the results board that they've been waitlisted here, so I am very confused by a lack of decision on my application at this point. Any help decoding this is welcome.
  3. Hello! Is anyone declining Kent State, Old Dominion, Loyola or UNLV?
  4. Is anyone declining ODU's PhD offer? Some applications are still under review and I think the department might be waiting to see how many offers will be accepted in the first round before deciding on the rest of the applications. So please, please, please let them know if you are not attending. I have a few offers but this school is my top choice and I can't make a decision unless they notify me soon. Thanks.
  5. Finally I am confused enough to de-lurk and ask the GradCafe community for advice and opinions. I anonymously contacted a grad program today to find out if decisions had yet been made on the PhD applications. Their application deadline was Feb. 15. The person stated that the committee is meeting again tomorrow and they will notify everybody by next week at the earliest. Is this likely a case of A, B or C: A. The committee hasn't actually looked at everyone's applications yet and have no clue who to accept, waitlist or deny B. The program has already contacted those they're interested in, and have put "notify rejects that they're rejects" at the bottom of their to-do list (in which case my application was rejected weeks ago and I've been stupidly holding out hope all this time) C. The committee will be making another round of cuts tomorrow, and after that I should be able to find out where I stand Obviously I am not trying to stick my hand into a hornet's nest (why I called the office anonymously), but a few of the office staff members have been very helpful during the application process. If I don't hear by next week, should I reach out to one of my contacts? Thanks to all.
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