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  1. i'd also keep in mind cost of living; if you are paying for either NYU or UGA via loans, living in NYC versus Athens is going to put a much larger dent in your wallet. i'd second what sociologygradgirl suggested; see where alumni have gone off. if UGA alumni are getting the same positions as NYU alumni, then i'd say the debt from NYU really isn't worth it. but NYC may offer you more in terms of overall networking in the IR world than will UGA.
  2. thanks: regarding rankings, that's the answer i was hoping to hear. unless program D pulls through (loved the Pi there are much as at program A), program A seems to be great. all in that lab have gotten funding for the rest of the program, so that really isn't a huge concern of mine. i'm more concerned about program fit and PI fit, and that one has both. thanks for the reassurance about name/rank; i've been hearing mixed opinions on both sides. personal happiness is very important too, which comes into play a lot once i block thinking about name. all are good programs, so i think you are corre
  3. Without giving too details regarding PIs or universities, I'm in need of some advice as I wrap up my decision-making process. I've been accepted into 3 (maybe 4) good PhD programs, with different degrees of funding, across 1-2 fields within interdisciplinary interest X, and different degrees of academic prestige depending on what you're looking at. Program A is in the field I'd like to be broadly trained in, has given me two years of funding, and my PI and I see eye-to-eye and is willing to give me freedom in study systems. For my sub-field of choice, the program here is ranked in the top 2
  4. hey there. i've been accepted to UGA with a graduate research assistantship for two years, and i wanted to ask the community to get a sense of how well the stipend works out in Athens (i'd gather than every GRA stipend is the same, regardless of the department). thanks!
  5. Hi all, I was wondering if anybody might be able to give some insight into the program in Anthropology @ Stanford, in particular the Ecology & Environment track. I was an anthropology undergraduate, but have transitioned into studying infectious disease ecology & epidemiology. I'm interested in researching human modifications to ecosystems, the dynamics of these land-use changes, and how these influence behavior/immune function/parasitism in reservoir hosts of zoonotic disease and thus human heath risk. Most of my graduate applications were to Ecology programs (where there is ample
  6. Hi all, I'm wondering if anybody has heard back from either the Nelson Institute programs (Environment & Resources) or the Zoology department. I applied to both and had (what I thought, at least) a nice exchange with the PI I'd like to work with, but both applications are still pending on the UW-M site. I've gotten some nice offers from other schools, but UW-M would still be in the running if they give an offer. From my experiences so far with rejections, I would assume that no answer by now means no offer, but since only 1-2 people have posted about the Nelson Institute so far and in p
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