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  1. I was going to respond with a positive sentiment (i still will, but it's going to be preceded by a negative one) but then I read English Ph D =[ (there it is). But seriously, it can't be as bad as all that! Like anything else, it probably depends on the work you put into it. It was extremely unlikely for me to have gotten in any Ph D program myself based on the stats (no one from the psych department at my school ever has before), but hey, I did! I'm sure all your dreams will come true.
  2. Congrats for all of us! Got in! Now of course I've decided I want to hear from another school before making a final decision...
  3. Mom: "well, at least you got in somewhere." Me: "thanks mom."
  4. Just had an interview last Friday for next fall.. Pretty likely I would accept if I get an offer. Experimental psych PhD program for me though. Spent the last couple days grueling a current grad on what life is like there, sounds like a pretty nice place! Congrats, by the way.
  5. I know how you feel. My two in person interviews were in early February and I only heard back from one school, and only vaguely at that. I just got a phone interview from another school this week though, so I'd just say hang in there. Good luck.
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