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  1. Anyone presenting at the Triennial Kenneth Burke Conference in May? I'll be there presenting on an Eco-Rhetoric panel...
  2. RockDenali--congratulations on your acceptance to UA RCTE! Glad to see one of my future cohort on here. See you in Tucson in August.
  3. Cheers, grifter. All the luck in the world to you, the University of Oregon is a great institution and Eugene is a hell of a place to be.
  4. I just accepted at RCTE at U of A--anyone else accept there? I also turned down Virginia Tech (Rhet/Writing) and Arizona State (Rhet/Comp) for any waitlisters. Cheers to everyone on your acceptances!
  5. I just accepted a Ph.D spot in University of Arizona RCTE and turned down Virginia Tech (Rhet/Writing), and Arizona State (Rhet/Comp/Linguistics). Good luck to everyone. Anyone else here accepted at RCTE?
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