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  1. Sure, here they are: http://econ.duke.edu/uploads/assets/2009ApartmentSurvey.pdf http://studentaffairs.duke.edu/sites/default/files/2008%20Apartment%20Complex%20Report_2.pdf
  2. Hi all, I'm going to Duke this fall and am currently looking at apartments. Me and my friend are going to share an apartment, we're currently looking at the Georgetown by Trinity, at 1000 Duke Street. It seems like it'll be a 10-minute walk to a bus top then i can take the East-West shuttle to get to my building. Does anyone have any opinions about this area? I read the housing report on it, but it was based on only 6 residents and I'd like to hear more if possible. Neither of us have a car, so I'm really looking at closeby places where we can take the bus. I'm mainly concerned about safet
  3. Dear all, Thank you sooooo much for all the input, I really appreciate it, as well as all the valuable comments/ recommendations/ advice around this forum. You guys are awesome :-).
  4. Hi all, After the dreadful months of applying/ waiting, the downs of rejections and the ups of acceptances,I've come down to a few schools to pick from: Ohio State, Boston University, and Duke. All are for PhD in Statistics. I've been to BU and Duke for visits. I couldn't attend the Visit Day for OSU but I was in a mini research program there two years ago, so at least I have an idea about the area/ school. I'm not sure whether I'd want to go for academia or industry after graduation yet. Here are my thoughts: Duke: Pretty much what everyone has been telling me to pick. Ranking-wise, i
  5. Did everyone hear back from Columbia and/or UC davis already?
  6. Hi Choctick, I sent my rec letters via postal mail. Two were received, one was lost. Lisa contacted me asking for it - I asked my rec letter provider to re-send the letter via email and re-mail the form via postal mail. I also asked another person to do the same thing just in case. The next day my app showed "Letter received, waiting for form in postal mail" - somewhere along those lines. And my guess would be the same as others, that you are waitlisted.
  7. Rejected by CMU. CMU, you've no idea what you've missed out .
  8. Got my first definite rejection from UW. I'm dealing with it much better than I thought. it's kind of a relief actually :-). Good luck to all!
  9. sisyphus, did you receive an email about being on the wait list? Thanks! I never got any notification from UW (and I checked the spam folder too), nothing on the app website... and I guess UW is done with their wave of acceptance.. :|
  10. Oh count me in. I've been obsessively refreshing the gradcafe result page and my email.... :|
  11. I checked and it says "In Review", which is why I was confused. At least it's something :-), and the professor I talked to also mentioned TA-ship, so it's hopeful. I hope you get funding, OSU student :-).
  12. OSU called and told me they nominated me for a fellowship, and also invited for a campus visit... but never mentioned an acceptance . And now with quite a few more UW acceptances I'm getting slightly more nervous. I guess I just need one '"yes" from somewhere, anywhere to calm down and patiently wait lol.
  13. I didn't mean to say that Harvard is the most/ only hard program to get in - I typed this post around 2 in the morning and was ready to hit the bed :-). I said that because I've heard several students saying that Harvard is hard to get in both in general and especially for international students. I also consider several other schools on my list to be long-shots: Berkeley, Chicago, JHU for Biostat, etc. I'm slightly afraid that I have too many reach schools in my list, but I figure it's worth a try. Cheers,
  14. Thanks a lot cyberwulf & sisyphus1! @sisyphus1: Thanks for the suggestion! I've applied to most of them already, have a couple more with deadlines in January that I'll work on over the break. Good luck to both of us :-)!
  15. Hi all, If anyone could chip in school suggestions/ advice/ profile evaluation for me, I'd really appreciate it! Undergrad institution: Small Liberal art college, top 35 US News I think. Major: Mathematics Minor: Economics GPA: 3.88 overall, 3.92 for major. Currently in an Applied Math Master's program at a large public university, very small program though. GPA: 3.914. Type of student: International GRE: 156 Verbal, 168 Quant, 5.0 Writing. No GRE Subject. LoR: all 3 from professors, 1 from an undergrad professors, 2 from graduate courses. One of 3 comes from a statistics
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