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  1. Guess I'm trying to decide how much the Ivy name (Harvard, to be exact) is worth...Harvard seemed like a no-brainer, but I just found out I got almost full tuition funding from George Washington. The programs are slightly different (Middle East Studies at Harvard, Elliott School of International Affairs at GW), but I don't think that matters too much. Harvard would mean considerable loans and probably having to find a part time job; GW would be pretty easily doable, financially. I have a little less than a month to decide, but I figured I'd ask for advice early before I really start freaking o
  2. So almost a month after committing to a PhD program at a large, fairly well respected public university (I very much liked the campus, town, department and my advisor), where I have a very, very generous fellowship and funding for up to 6 years, I found out today that I received a full ride for a Master's at a much more prestigious university in the UK. With the scholarship, the cost is no longer prohibitive, which is the reason why I committed to the US university back in May (I couldn't very well turn down the fellowship offer without solid knowledge about the scholarship in the UK, about w
  3. Another freaking-out Turkey ETA here. I really can't imagine why it is taking so long...about alternates though: I'm sure some Turkey applicants, because of the late absurdly notification date, have had to commit to other programs/fellowships, and that many alternates and rejects will pretty quickly get accepted. Luckily, my program has said I can defer for a year, but even with that guarantee it's tempting to just throw up my hands, give up and move on with my summer/life.
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