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  1. If I keep any CW programs on my list, USC will be the one that remains. I'm definitely doing Berkeley and will consider UCSB. Weirdly, I was put off by how much they seemed to be obsessed with numbers on their website. Even though, like most programs, they don't have a cut off, they did have a lot of data upfront.
  2. Hi there, So my situation is weird. I'm actually in a program now, an English and Creative Writing combo (post MFA), and I've been feeling very down. After a lot of soul searching, and questioning as to whether or not I like being in academia, I've pretty much concluded that I don't like the area (I'm from LA, so the semi-rural/college town is torture for me, especially as a single gay man) and the idea of writing poetry in (as opposed to adjacent to) academia. So I've decided to take a leave of absence next year and use that time to apply to proper PhD programs in English Lit this fall. Anyway, one thing I didn't do a good job of last fall, I think, was looking at fit, so I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions of where to start looking when it comes to programs that specialize in film theory/visual culture, poetry, 20th C American lit, and gender/sexuality studies (with a focus on LGBT/queer lit)? I'm just trying to generate a list of programs to explore. Also interested in what writing samples people are thinking of using. It looks like I'll be using a paper on the function of ghosts in bridging the fictional and nonfictional in Maxine Hong Kingston's Woman Warrior.
  3. Hello all, I am coming to Athens for my PhD in English Lit (CW dissertation.) I'd love to meet some extra-departmental peeps at some point myself. Just wanted to drop in here and say "hi!" as people are zeroing in on their decisions!
  4. Hi there Mistral! I'm starting this fall in English (CW dissertation) at UGA too! I haven't heard from any other prospectives, so I wanted to say hello!
  5. Woke up to great news this morning! In via post at U Georgia (in Athens) for poetry. Followed up with a flattering email from Mr. Andrew Zawacki. First acceptance after a few rejections. Very excited!
  6. Two things: 1) there's a facebook group for CW PhD applicants someone started. Join if you like! http://www.facebook.com/groups/192118044227048/ 2) Florida State started making calls last night (at least two confirmed via the facebook group)--they have a bigger cohort, though, so more calls should be going out (fingers crossed!)
  7. Some news: I just checked my status, as I have been off and on, at UI-Chicago and I was "denied." I didn't get an email notifying me to check it or anything. Anyone else seeing this?
  8. FEAR NOT, the delightful Ms. Janalynn just informed me over the phone that USC isn't making its CW offers until the first week of March. KEEP HOPE ALIVE KIDS!
  9. I too have applied (as well to six other schools, and a few fellowships.) I was told they will be taking 3 poets and 3 fiction writers by Janalynn, the program coordinator, back in November when I called to ask about the program and various application details. I also (will) have an MFA and have heard from several programs that they prefer you have an MA/MFA before applying. USC is one school that has accepted people out of undergrad in the past though, so there's that.
  10. I'm applying! Also in poetry to Houston, USC, Utah, Missouri, Florida State, Georgia, and U Illinois-Chicago! I'm finishing up my MFA now and very excited to continue my creative focus while renewing my commitment to literary studies. We have similar lists poeteer! Out of curiosity, where did you get your MFA? As for Cornell, I am pretty sure the PhD is bundled with the MFA for that particular program. They do not have a separate PhD in CW, so if you have an MFA, it's a bust.
  11. Hey there LivePoetry123, I'm currently an MFA student in poetry and I feel compelled to tell you that if you are serious about pursuing creative writing in a graduate context, an MFA is really a better option. I am now applying to PhD programs in Lit and Creative Writing, and am doing so knowing full well that while my dissertation will be a creative manuscript, the bulk of my course load will be identical to that of a normal PhD in literature (the language requirements, in particular, are causing me pre-admit pre-grief.) SUNY Buffalo's program is definitely one of the better ones to look into if you haven't done an MFA, due to their academic focus on poetics, but even then, if writing is something you really want to pursue, I'd suggest looking into an MFA down the line. Many schools on MichaelK's list have MFA programs, but not as many of them offer workshops to non-MFA students, which is another consideration (Ohio State, where I am, does, as does UCLA, where I went to undergrad.) I can also tell you Emory is another school that seems to possess a good creative writing climate. I know this because one of my friends is there doing a PhD, though he's taking a leave of absence in order to do an MFA (since he's discovered writing is, in many ways, his true passion.) You can check out this blog: http://creative-writ...2.blogspot.com/ for more information on creative writing PhD programs, if you're interested. Hope this helps!
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