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  1. By last Christmas I was convinced I was done with school. Now I'm strongly considering looking at PhD programs this application season. What is wrong with me?

  2. Hi All, I am currently finishing up an MS in Biomedical Anthropology and will be returning to the NY Metro area next spring after graduation. The original plan had been to immediately look for a full-time job, but since one of the major career paths I've been considering is research the idea of a PhD program has started to creep into my brain. I switched from Psych (undergrad) to Anthro for a number of reasons that are probaby beyond the scope of this intro, but suffice it to say that some of my research interests (physiology of chronic and traumatic stress, neuroendocrinology in genera
  3. How did it get to be February?

  4. I second Binghamton...though I'm sure you've probably just about finished applying if you're looking to start in the fall.
  5. Hey...so I haven't been on the site in ages, but I thought I'd pop by just to see what's going on...how is everyone? Anybody up to meet up for coffee or something? Better late than never lol.
  6. I love that this post has gotten so many replies since I last checked in! Fun stuff. I'm gonna check out everyone's blogs now.
  7. Very. But I'm starting to freak out a little as well...moving tomorrow!!
  8. I think the best advice for folks having trouble with this is to take things one step at a time. You might now be able to convince yourself that you can become a rockstar in your field, but you have a pretty good shot of convincing yourself that you can find a handful of interesting looking programs...then look at their requirements...then put together a personal statement...
  9. We've made it to another Friday! Everyone enjoy your weekend.
  10. I plan to give my official notice tomorrow. My last day will be August 17th. That'll give me a week to finish packing and move into my new place before I start my assistantship.
  11. Have you looked at the University of South Fl?
  12. I say to start researching ALL programs that look interesting and well-matched to your area(s) of interest, and then narrow it down from there. If your favorite topic is being studies by a neuroscientist and you can make a case for yourself, why not try? When I was thinking along similar lines, I remember seeing a number of unique interdisciplinary neuroscience programs that took folks from all sorts of backgrounds. Maybe pick up whatever hard science electives you can in the time you have left (IF you have time left) and then just focus on explaining your background and goals as eloquently
  13. Thanks for the thoughtful reply, SJ. I have a copy of Seven Daughters of Eve but haven't gotten around to it yet. You make a good point about BioAnth not having the same sort of canon as Cultural...I really just want to find out what others are making it a point to read book-wise I guess. As far as blogs go, I couldn't take to John Hawkes, though I did try. I tend to favor the interdisciplinary folks like Kate Clancy and Daniel Lende & Greg Downey...now you've got me thinking that it might be fun to start an Anthro Blogs thread on here. I read one Maples book (Dead Men Do Tell Tal
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