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  1. Hey Everybody I just started at LIU and got a sheet that says if I refer a friend to the Hudson Graduate Center (any program) I could get a scholarship for 3 credits. I desperately need help paying for my education and I'm sure there are a lot more like me. Does anyone else's school have this deal or does anyone know the best way to take advantage of it? - since none of my close friends are looking at grad school right now they will be of no help haha so I'm wondering if I could work it out to "refer" somebody who was already planning on applying to this campus. Looking for any responses here people! Thanks!
  2. Hey Everybody I've decided to apply to Long Island University - the Westchester campus b/c that's the only MLIS program that is commuting distance to me and I really would rather be on a campus than taking online classes (personal preference). I'm trying to get all my stuff together to get in for the Fall semester, last minute I know. Anyways, I was wondering if anybody on here goes to LIU, thought about going to LIU, or has heard anything about LIU. Much appreciated! gotta get back to working on my s.o.p. -Laura
  3. LBS

    MLS versus MLIS

    Hi SamAli I'm new to it too so I may not be the best person to answer but I'll give it a shot. I think Phyl had a good answer to the MLS vs MLIS debate and I agree that the information piece is very important nowadays. As for getting two different Masters, I'm not sure that's necessary, most MLIS programs have concentrations to get a little bit more specialized and if you're thinking History, I know there are a few schools that offer a dual degree in librarianship and history, would probably take a shorter time than getting the 2 degrees separately. You definitely have more library experience than me so I'd say you're doing pretty good haha Sorry, I don't have more for you, hopefully you'll get more responses. Good luck! -Laura
  4. LBS

    MLS versus MLIS

    I'm about 90 minutes north of NYC in Dutchess County, I'm looking at Pratt right now, even though that would be quite the commute, I'm hoping I could make my schedule 2 days a week and stay with family down there if I have to. I'm also looking at University of Wisconsin because the program can be done completely on-line (I think they might be part of that consortium too)
  5. LBS

    MLS versus MLIS

    Thanks for the response Phyl! This was probably the answer I was expecting but also fearing - time to find an affordable, accessible, MLIS program
  6. Hi Everybody! I'm new to the forum and just starting to apply to programs. I'd like to hear opinions on whether you think there is a difference between MLS programs and MLIS programs. Also, what the reputations of different schools are. I am looking at CUNY Queens because I could commute and obviously the tuition is much more affordable then, say, Simmons. However, Queens offers an MLS instead of an MLIS. I'd appreciate any thoughts, thanks!! -Laura
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