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  1. Retake the GRE, and prioritize that just as strongly as your school grades. Given the amount of hours and classes already accounted for, a significant push on the GPA end may not yield as great results-wise as desired. The GRE, in my opinion, will account for a proportionately greater value on the application. As mentioned by other posters, I would include the difficulties and travails experienced, but I would not portray that in a light that would make you seem unprepared for advanced education, or betray any weaknesses that would make you less qualified in comparison to other applicants. Thi
  2. I used to not be as good on the verbal section either. I took the test last month and got a 720 V 800 Q 5.5 AWA. I used to seriously suck at the verbal part, missing like half of the RC questions and the more difficult vocab ones. The only thing you can realistically do is study vocab, use it in a daily setting, and try to remember the words you've missed before. Remember word roots, suffixes, prefixes, all that stuff, and try to think about the test through a test-maker's perspective. Furthermore, POE seems to work the best when intuition doesn't immediately give you the answer.
  3. Hey good job! I have prepped with Kaplan's books and Princeton Review. On Kaplan tests I usually score about a low 1400, with Princeton ranging from about 1400s to 1540 on my highest one. The most accurate IMHO is the GRE Powerprep by ETS. On my two tries I got a 800 V 750 Q, and then a 740 V 800 Q. I took the GRE CAT last month and scored a 720 V, 800 Q, 5.5 AWA. I would definitely, for those taking the old GRE in this month, to take the GRE Powerprep AFTER you have done all the work you can on the other programs and stuff, just to get you up to speed and with sufficient practice. The
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