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  1. I did as an undergrad. I had a lot of good and a lot of bad experiences, but I'm sure most people do. I think it's great you're coming on a weekday because you can actually see how things usually work. Are you planning on visiting UT Austin too during your trip to Texas or just SA?
  2. UTSA's mostly a science/researching school, but the liberal arts program has decent funding. The English PhD program isn't the most competitive around, but they don't accept just anyone. If they've offered you funding, and you haven't been accepted anywhere else you might want to go, then sure UTSA will get you the PhD you want. UTSA has professors like Dr. Jeanne Reesman, Linda Woodson, and Norma Cantu who do a lot of publishing and have CV's over twenty pages long. It can be a competitive program, and I've heard there is drama. But all departments have a bit of drama I suppose. They host speakers, like I know David Crystal was there a couple of years ago, as an example, and do symposiums. Nothing too big and fancy though. The program is very strong in Chicano/a literature and theory (looking at your Interests in your sig) so you'll probably fit in well. Bilingual is probably going to be a must, if you aren't already. San Antonio and UTSA is saturated with Hispanic heritage and culture, and the program reflects that. The program isn't nationally ranked as far as I know, but because of people like Reesman and Woodson, academics have heard of UTSA. Also, because of the other universities in SA like Incarnate Word, Trinity, OLOL, SA does host bigger conferences. The PCA/ACA was here last year downtown. The library is alright; access to most big online databases. Some rare texts I still go to UT Austin for and check out there. Texas universities have TexShare, a program where students enrolled can get a library card to check out books for other universities in Texas. Pretty useful come thesis/dis time. The area, and the campus, is a bit odd. It takes getting used to, and depending on where you're from, it can be annoying. The campus was build in phases with many years in between, so it looks disconnected architecturally. I would def. suggest flying in for a weekend and spending some time hanging out before committing 6 years to it. Parking is terrible, worst I've ever seen. But there is an amazing shopping mall very close by, if that's your thing. A mall which is always crowded, because it is the best mall in the city. UTSA is also close to fiesta texas, if that's your thing instead. I know some people who would get a season pass and use the park to blow off steam and destress b/c it's so close by and it made them feel good. Majority of the student body is conservative/republican, and campus politics, esp voting season, can be stressful for someone who is liberal. There is a lot of money in the area where UTSA is located, and some of the students drive nicer cars than the faculty. For the most part though, faculty is cool. Note: I'm exhausted, so if something doesn't make sense, forgive me.
  3. HaruNoKaze

    UT Phil

    not me either. sad.
  4. andsoitgoes, have you still not heard anything? three days of rejections and you aren't out... FINGERS CROSSED!!
  5. you, galoup, and andsoitgoes are the only ones left i think...
  6. i also applied to UT's philosophy program, but I'm not sure I'll get in. I'm hoping for it, but I thought I had a better chance at Rhet than Phil. UT is a wonderful place, and they have great programs, but are sooo competitive!!! Gonna keep checking for updates on Andsoitgoes!
  7. Just got my rejection email from Wayne Lesser. It's all on you, Andsoitgoes!!! I'm still rooting for you!
  8. hmm.... i'm an S... so there goes the alphabetical theory...
  9. if you don't mind me asking, does your last name start with 'w'? just guessing from your sn, but we were guessing about alphabetical order. care to share?
  10. Yea my last name starts with S, so maybe they are going alphabetically... sorry about your other rejection.
  11. i guess they finally sent out the rhet acceptances and are now just doing rejections? I just wish I knew something. waiting for my dreams of being bffs at UT and eating from the taco truck to be shattered...
  12. aww im sorry antecedant. i was really rooting for you. wtf. now i'm sad.
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