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  1. Hi there! Does anyone know of any MFA programs that are still accepting applications, or have a summer semester? Any leads would be much appreciated!
  2. My significant other sent me a valentine, but decided to package it in an official envelope from the University of Iowa. Mini heart attack.
  3. Ebonie, your Three Sisters painting reminds me of Ghanaian street art!
  4. The tome will be gifted to the Rock Island County Historical Society, and will actually only amount to about 20 pages! The more I dig in to the research, the more I realize that the park and cemetery I am studying actually predate City Beautiful and are really more an extension of the Garden and Parks movement, which is just as fun! Both movements coincide in their emphasis on the importance of urban greenspace. Because I am also something of a scientist, half of my research will be presented in poster format and will catalog the species, approximate age, and location of each tree within th
  5. Thanks so much! I appreciate the encouragement. : )
  6. For those of you unable to seek wilderness in the coming week, I invite you to distract yourselves with my new and improved art website! http://verosmithart.webs.com/
  7. Thank you for sharing your experience, OnceAndFutureGrad! I'm in a similar boat as jilly, and I am slightly ashamed to admit that I was once one of those GradCafers who only existed for acceptance into a program. When I began this process, I kind of got into the mindset that pursuing a PhD would be the only way to go about accomplishing my goals. This mentality is due in part to the fact that I came from a rural town where most people did not have four year college degrees, let alone doctorates. Prior to college, I had only met two people that had PhDs: a slightly addled history teacher at
  8. I'm doing the same thing for some programs! In fact, some schools require that you apply directly to the PhD, regardless of whether or not you have your masters. As to acceptance rates of people with only BAs, I haven't been able to find that information. In terms of encouragement, here are some things I've been telling myself when most discouraged: If you don't get into a program this year, you can always try again. If you don't get into a program this year, you can take a year to relax (with 60+ hour work weeks, hopefully!), gain valuable functioning-outside-of-academia-skills, and take t
  9. Oh man! That makes me very sad, indeed. Congrats to you and your national juried shows! Though I didn't get serious about the studio major until my senior year, I've managed to show in a lot of local and regional exhibitions, but nothing on the national level! Interestingly, many of my peers are almost more interested in my perspective as an artist on a given art historical quandary than any art historical training I can bring to the table in my senior seminar for art history. However, those are my peers, and not the established scholars that will be reviewing my application. Only one s
  10. I really like the purity of color in your works, Hicks! Thank you for sharing!
  11. Even though I'm not applying to MFA programs, I LOVE this forum! Here's my photoblog that hasn't been updated in a shamefully long time: http://verosmith.blogspot.com/
  12. I am also freaking out! However, my freak outs tend to mingle with obsessive compulsiveness. Subsequently, my apartment is really organized, and I've applied to countless jobs (everything ranging from coffee shops to DNR grunt work, as well as a lot of museum jobs) to give myself alternatives if every school I applied to is all "Oh hey, yeah, about your application - you're not quite good enough, sorry." I too am a BBC/NPR addict! I particularly like the BBC's coverage of American politics. In terms of top choices, it's really between University of Iowa and Yale. U of I has strong resea
  13. THAT'S AWESOME, Hicks! What medium do you work in?! I've been considering doing a dual MA/MFA for studio and art history, but I am a little weary of trying to juggle multiple departments.
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