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  1. Hi! I'm an international student in a top US college and I'm seeking advice for my future. I think I want to pursue a master degree in Europe because I'm a person who loves to change and doesn't really enjoy stability. I could apply to masters in US graduate schools and is likely to get good results but I want to learn something more about Europe. I'm now deciding what master should I apply to? I prefer studying in France because I want to learn a new language and culture, but I don't know what master is suitable for me. I'm interested in political science, law, economics, history. I saw that in US, there are degrees like Master in European Studies, for example, Yale, Columbia. However, I know that the Education of US is very very good, but I don't know how it is in Europe. I'm sure it's good, but I am still not sure what are their strengths and weaknesses. I now see that many German students go to US to pursue graduate degress, like Phd! But for master degrees, I don't know. And I don't know why they came to US but not in Germany. This summer I talked to a person who knows a lot about world education. They told me that for undergraduate, US is the best but you have to use it in the right way. For European Schools, they told me that their graduate degrees are pretty good, but not for public schools since there are so many people. For private schools, they are really good like ENS, Sciences Po etc. I compare the programs on several fields between top US and European Schools, basically French. I found that if I did MBA or MPA, I would rather choose US since US schools are of higher reputation and also their faculty is also stronger. But for master degrees like European Studies. Even though US has close ties with Europe and many European professors go to US to teach. I still think that the European Schools are better. Probably because it is Europe? Not that simple! I found out that for courses in US graduate schools, they are not very systematic and their research is kind of different. For example, Yale simply unites all European fields into one and it didn't give really clear on what courses you should take. You should decide your own. Well, I'm sure there is more freedom but I think knowledge needs continuity, especially for Master degree, or I may get really little information and Yale probably has a clear path for what students to study if they are focusing on European Union. Another thing is that European schools on master in European studies have courses that US colleges would not cover. For example, EU and China. I don't know whether I have to go to Europe to have a better understanding of modern Europe or I should just stay in the US. I really love to visit Europe and study there! But I also hope to choose the right place to study! Sorry for having you reading so long, but this is all what I've learnt and thought. Also I don't know whether this is the right forum but on the website, they call this a master degree in social science. Thanks!
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