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  1. Hi, I am thinking about pursuing I/O psychology. I am thinking I would like to work in industry because the academia jobs are so competitive and very sparse. (I don't want to spend years working on a degree that I can do almost nothing else with beside work in a university especially when jobs are hard to come by). That is why I am drawn to I/O because it offers jobs in industry. However I am having a rather difficult time finding information online about what these psychologists do in the workplace. Does anyone know what I/O psychologists do? Is their work exciting and creative? Any info would be appreciated.
  2. I don't feel like I have too much research experience, so I am thinking about postponing graduation for another year. In terms of coursework, don't really need to, I could graduate this summer, 2012. I am curious if graduate schools considering applications think poorly of students who take an additional year? Any input would be appreciated. Thank you
  3. I'm planning on apply to graduate school this fall. I am finishing my bachelor’s degree and I am wondering whether or not to delay graduation by another year. My main reasoning for the possible postponement is that I would like to pursue a doctorate degree in Industrial Organizational psychology, but I am not sure if I will be accepted. I am confident that I can get into a master’s program. My concern though is how well the credits will transfer from the master’s program into the doctorate. I don’t want to have to end up repeating credits if I pursue the masters and then go into a PhD program. Did anyone here get masters first then a doctorate? How did you credits transfer? Did you lose money and time; do you feel you made the right decision? Any input would be appreciated.
  4. For those of you who have been accepted, what was your applicant profile like? What was your gpa, gre score? How many years of research experience did you have? What ranks were the schools that accepted you? Did you get into a masters or PhD? What field were you accepted into? I am planning on applying to I/O programs. Input from anyone who has been accepted would be helpful! Thank You!
  5. I'm wondering what kind of non-academic jobs there are for someone with a masters or PhD in cognitive psychology? Or any of the other areas of psychology (like social or Industrial/organizational). I'm sure there are plenty of non-academic jobs for I/O, but what about the cognitive or social? What do you think the income would be for non-academic jobs in those fields?
  6. I thank all of you for your input! I really appreciate it. One more question: When grad schools look at your GPA are they looking at the overall or the major? Or Both? Thank You
  7. Obviously this isn't an easy question to answer but based on your experiences or of others that you have known, which is easier to get into - PhD in Industrial/Organizational or PhD in Social Psychology? My choices are between the two programs. Any input would be appreciated. If I did get a PhD in either of these fields, I would not be looking for a job in academia - I want something outside of a university.
  8. I'm sure posts such as these appear often on these forums, so I will make mine very direct. I am planning on applying to a PhD program in Social Psychology. I'm am very nervous as to how good my chances are. Here is some of my background info: My overall GPA: 3.53 Major GPA: 3.64 Grades from relevant coursework: Research Methods: B Social Psychology: A Psychology of Human Diversity (Cultural Psych): A International Psychology: A Individual Study: A Statistics: (This one worries me - I took it the first time as a sophomore and made a C! Then I took it again in the summer and made a B ) I am working on an undergraduate honors thesis which is very cognitive in nature, it is on abstract reasoning and time perception. I have designed everything for the experiment, everything from the stims, the all of the test questions, everything. We will begin data collection as soon as the fall semester begins. I am also going to be doing research with one of my professors, who is a social psychologist as soon as the semester starts. He says I will be helping to collect and analyze data. I have also signed up for a computer applications course this semester. The course is focuses entirely on data analysis using SPSS. I am scheduled to take my GRE exam in October. I'm just curious as to what my chances are of getting into a PhD program in Social Psychology? In terms of ranking, what kind of school should I apply to? Top 40? 60? Should I apply to a masters program instead? Any input would be appreciated. Thank You!
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