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  1. @ robot_hamster whats your majors ?
  2. there is a government site also which gives accurate description of which area has more unempoyment, i think it was labour department ? are they accurate
  3. hello, is this data given correct in this site according to current trends ? http://www.studentsreview.com/unemployment_by_major.php3
  4. most paying jobs for engineering streams are 1. petroleum engineering 2. chemical engineering 3. Computer engineering 4. Electrical engineering but reading this http://www.engineeringdaily.net/third-quarter-engineering-unemployment-data-show-mixed-trends/ i see they have very high unemployment. what is happening ? are only some people getting in engineering getting all money. and number of jobs for fresh grads not there ?
  5. ok , currently i am working . By the End of 2012 i will have 2 years of experience in electronics industry, which MS is in most demand or have high job rate. what is MSEE is it Electrical engineering ?
  6. Thanks for reply buddy, I was thinking of coming to any foriegn nation for my Further Education. I want to go to that nation which has high jobs, cause i dont want to return back home without a job. yes you are right only MBA programme from top 20 colleges matter, but they are awfully Expensive, so i am thinking of MS now. Do you know job scenarios in US currently for Masters, is it difficult for locals to get job. ? does recession had impacts on number of jobs in this field
  7. hello, I need help. My father is pressuring me to go in MBA (masters in buisness administration) but clearly my interest lies in my field of Engineering in Electronics. His argument is that MS degree has very low jobs & high competion in comparison to buisness. so i want to know does MS got very low job prospect ? money is no motivation for me, i dont want to be CEO i just want a descent salary. Thankyou.
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