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  1. I would recommend the northeast heights or, if you're really willing to commute, the west side. Check out Ventana Ranch, they have some nice amenities out there and I've heard good things about the Elementary schools.
  2. I'm going too! Congrats on the acceptance!
  3. Thanks for the advice! imisscoffee: hope so!
  4. Just got my acceptance letter to UK this morning! Also looking to come visit soon. Anyone have any suggestions for possible places to live out there?
  5. Still waiting to hear from UK, but I only applied for the masters program so maybe those decisions are delayed? Not sure.
  6. As a veteran of Albuquerque living, both on/near/far from campus, I can agree that it isn't "rough" and most times the only way you come across trouble is if you went looking for it. I would recommend to anyone attending UNM to live near the camps and experience the community of the area and great proximity to anything you need. Its great to go to a busy, compact school but be surrounded by a sprawling city that has plenty of opportunities for enjoying the open spaces of New Mexico. A lot of people claim it's boring, but with some effort there's always an enjoyable activity waiting to be fo
  7. Got an email last Monday that I would hear from Kentucky "within a week." Looks like tomorrow is the end of that time period so fingers are crossed!
  8. Waiting for acceptance! Fingers crossed
  9. I am looking at economic, international-trade, or something similar so that is good to hear. Coming from a state school, I can understand the disinterest in academics. Very unfortunate. Thanks for your input!
  10. I am applying to the MA program at Kentucky. Any impressions/experiences/advice to share? Also applying to Clark, Washington, New Mexico and Nebraska.
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