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  1. My boyfriend and I are both TX born and raised, currently living in San Antonio. I'll be graduating the first week of July with my BA, and hopefully starting grad school in the Boston area in September. My mom has been living in Saugus, MA, for the last 6 years now, and has a garage apartment that we can stay in while we hunt for a place of our own (no bathroom or kitchen in the mini-apartment though, so the stay will be short!). We'll be making the move north in the last week of July. How can we go about finding an apartment from TX? We only have until September to search, because my mom'
  2. Thanks for your input, everyone! I've done some thinking and decided to retake them. My mom's stepsister just finished taking hers last week, and has offered to ship me all of her study materials so I can prepare. I'll definitely set aside some time to study, and hopefully be able to improve my scores significantly. I'll also be sure to include a short and sweet explanation of my grades in my SOP, but focus more on how I've learned from the situation and improved. Thanks again!
  3. I was always a great student (top 10% of high school class, all A's first two years of college), but when I moved to a new city and out on my own for the first time, my grades suffered. I work 40 hour weeks in retail, my dad started having a lot of health problems (heart surgery), and I was often just too tired/burnt out to even make it to class. I now have a 2.91 GPA, and this is my last semester. I'm taking 6 classes, and will take 1 more in a 3 week 'Maymester' to graduate by June 1. I'm doing great so far (about halfway through the semester with all A's), so my GPA should be just over
  4. Thanks for the advice! To address some of your questions/concerns, I actually managed to get through my undergrad with only $17,000 in student loans, $15,000 of which is subsidized stafford loans. I was quite fortunate to receive scholarships that covered my first two years at a community college, and federal grants that helped a lot with the rest. Of course, I'd love to not take on anymore debt than necessary, but I've been fortunate enough thus far that taking on a bit more in loans for my MA wouldn't kill me. As far as taking courses at a community college for my fall back plan, it was
  5. Hey, everyone. So, I've made some posts before about my plans to move from my current location in San Antonio, TX, to Boston, MA, next summer. My mother lives in Boston and I've never had the chance to live near her, and I plan to study the historical archaeology of colonial America in grad school. Since I'm graduating this spring, a move to Boston for grad school just makes sense. My boyfriend of 6 years and his younger sister will be making the move with me (we've all lived together for a year, and my boyfriend and I 2 years before that, and get along great). Here's where it gets tricky.
  6. Hello, everyone =) I'm planning a movie to the Boston area next summer (mid to late July) for grad school. I'm hoping to be accepted into one of the programs I'm applying to, and if I do I'll need to find work to cover my bills while still working with my school schedule. I have been working part-time at a nearby Target for 2 years now, and they've been amazing at scheduling me around my classes. I would be eligible to transfer my job to a Target store up there, but I'd really love to find something with better pay. I make barely above minimum wage at the moment, and have to work a minimum
  7. Hmm, I haven't thought about not taking my car. All three of us have our own vehicles, which is pretty much a given in Texas =) I've never used public transportation before as it's virtually nonexistent down here, save for an unreliable public bus. We were planning on bringing our vehicles, but if we could get around just fine without them, we have no problems selling them before we leave! What extra costs are there that we don't have down here? We have to renew our registration and inspection once a year and have valid insurance (which, for me, is about $75 a month for full-coverage). Fro
  8. Hello! I am planning a move to the Boston area next summer to start grad school in the fall. My top choice school is Salem State University, and my mother lives in Saugus, MA. I, however, have lived in Texas my entire life. Basically, everything I know about New England comes from articles online. To put it simply, I need anything and everything you have to offer. The basics: My boyfriend of 6 years and his younger sister are coming with me (we all get along great, have lived together for the last six months, and have no problems with everyone chipping in for their share of the bills/exp
  9. Okay, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I'm desperate (Sorry in advance for the long post). I am starting the grad school search, so that I'm prepared to apply when deadlines approach this coming winter (I'm a planner, I know!). Unfortunately, as I browse through chat rooms, message boards, and forums I become increasingly anxious. I am currently attending a satellite branch of the University of Texas system. Not a "small" school, but not a name that screams "prestigious" either. I was originally an English lit. major, but switched to anthropology last semester after fa
  10. Thanks for the response! That was kind of what I was expecting. I'm leaning towards archaeology now with all of the research I've done, because it just seems like it would offer me more career opportunities since it's a broader field than forensic anthropology. I don't have any museum experience yet, but my school has an archeological conservation society, so I'm going down there this week to talk to them about volunteer/employment opportunities. Thanks again!
  11. I'm currently in my second to last semester of my undergrad. I've been sifting through grad school webpages trying to get an idea of where I want to go from here, and so far I've only made one decision: I definitely want to go for my PhD. As far as a career goes, I know I want to work in a museum, preferably in a curatorial capacity. Ideally I'd like to work hands-on with artifacts as much as possible. I've been strongly considering a career in Forensic anthropology as well, but have recently decided that I would prefer to work in this field only as a supplement to my primary field of focu
  12. You should look into Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. I know it's not a huge school, but they recently created a forensic anthropology department, complete with a body farm for research. It's worth looking into. =)
  13. Wow, that's great to hear! Perhaps it's just the norm at my university then. That's comforting to know!
  14. Traditionally it seems that most undergraduates finish their programs in the fall semester. I, however, will be completing mine in the spring. Rather than taking a break after receiving my B.A., I'd like to start graduate school in the fall of that same year. Unfortunately, I'm a little concerned about whether or not that will hurt my chances of being accepted into a graduate school. My goal school is the GSAS at NYU. If I were to apply to this school before the deadline in February, would I still be considered for fall admissions, despite the fact that my undergrad will not be completed until
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