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  1. So I'm looking for an apartment around the SMU campus, does anyone have any good areas or specific apartment complexes to look into or to avoid. I've been doing research, but it's a lot more difficult than I anticipated. Many of the review sites seem to have questionable positive reviews that seem to be written by the management... any help would be appreicated!
  2. I was blown away at the cost of moving companies/ moving vans. I'm only moving into a small apartment, but it's unfurnished, and the furniture won't fit in my car! From Maryland to Texas, I was seeing prices ranging from $900 - 1500 dollars! Whoa. I found out something though, and I think I may do this-- you can't rent a cargo van from a rental car company (Hertz, Enterprise, etc) for around $400 (that's what my estimate was) including gas. Then just return it at a location near you... I'm pretty sure that still works.
  3. And if your top choice can't give you a quick decision, I'd ask the other school for more time. The worst they can say is no... and then you are in the same spot you are now, with a week between the visit and another deadline. I only had one experience with asking for more time, but it was very pleasant. I get the impression that if they want you, they're not going to try and force you into making a quick decision for fear you'll say no. I got unoffical word from my potential advisor that I'm accepted....now, hopefully that means with funding too, or this is all for not...
  4. Ah! I'm doing this right now. I got an offer from a school with a March 20th deadline, but I'm not visiting my number 1 choice until March 23rd. I first emailed the first school to ask for more time (they extended the deadline to April 9). But now I'm in the process of contacting my number 1 choice. They're flying me out for a visit, but haven't given me an answer about my acceptance. I'd like to know soon, because my significant other has an opportunity to take a job in the same town, and has to give an answer very soon. Ah! I'm not sure what to make of the visit invitation without a
  5. To bring this topic back to life: SMU is currently my top choice for grad school this fall. Many people have mentioned that it's impossible to get around the city without a car, but what about near the SMU campus? I've heard that in the immediate area it's a very expensive place to live, and I was wondering how far from campus most (grad) students life, what the commute is like/ is it possible to bike/walk? Any other thoughts. Thanks
  6. That's awesome! Are you hoping to do geomicrobiology here? (I'm finishing up my undergrad here this year)
  7. Thanks for the advice about what to talk with professors about. I was a bit anxious about that. And also nervous about navigating the conference (mostly) alone, even though about 100 other people form my college are going... (Penn State) Btw, what's the attire? I hear more casual... so cargo pants and a rock hammer?
  8. Anyone attending this year? Planning on meeting potential advisers? Or just have any advice on what I should talk about when I do meet them?
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