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  1. On the UCdavis app website, I got a "Y" on "deny reason 6" which is insufficient scholarship funds. Blah, so i guess it's a no go. which means I got in nowhere. unless...having a deny reason on the app doesn't necessarily mean i as a human ENTITY am rejected, but simply that aspect of my person, and that the remainder of my self is welcome with open arms! Uh, sure.
  2. just got this letter: We are in the process of making a decision on your application for admission. You may review the decision after 8:00 a.m. PST on April 13, 2009, by accessing your UC Davis application on the online admission web site. Please contact the Comparative Literature program if you have any questions regarding this decision. Best regards, Office of Graduate Admissions and Academic Services University of California, Davis ughhh.....i am scared.
  3. i am on a waiting list, and my univ notified me that i may not hear of a status update until may 31. MAY 31!!!!!!! for the love of god.
  4. ok, i didn't want to resort to this, but hey--someone has to do it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fz3qDu0WemM
  5. Why is it that having a debate must make us foes? We are in higher academics--we should be used to handling conflict and debating intelligently. Although I think that this post took a turn for the worst once ill wishes came into play, I think it brings up an important issue in liberal arts institution. Namely, I am on the side of not being condescending or overly squeamish about what constitutes as offensive language. The point is to have a dialogue, not shut others down through blame or condescension. The last thing we should do as teachers and intellectuals is assume a position of superiority for our thinking; this is, I think, an indication of bad faith, and also defeats the purpose of why we are willing to forsake things like money, adequate shelter, or having personal lives that start once the work day ends. Or at least, I like to think so. A girl's gotta sleep at night....
  6. this is the best place to start revolutions. bravo. perhaps it is the criteria through which "ethnic ghettos" are classified is the real racial problem. is it so because it falls significantly below your middle class suburban upbringing, or is it really hard knocks? i live in an area that has been classified as ghetto, and I see the problem of that being the overestimation of violence and danger in the area simply because it has a high number of non-white families living well below the middle class. before you get back on your whitewashed liberal soapbox why don't you try to figure out who you are defending, or why you think that you will be the crusade to their cause. poking fun at the ways in which race and class are geographically distributed and defined is hardly going to result in the next slave trade. lighten up. the only people that you can save will be ones that willing to be subjugated to your benevolent spokesmanship.
  7. If so, are you deferring or accepting? Or still undecided? I'm still on the waiting list and trying to gauge my chances
  8. aren't english people notorious for being able to work through infinitely long sentences and instinctively respond according to their favorite discourse(s) despite their proclivity to dismiss obvious performances of irony as complicit when there are no embedded intertextual relationships to be deconstructed? GIVE ME A SIGNIFIER!!!!!
  9. hmmm. can it be that the penchant for PC in humanities has eradicated people of their sense of humor? *apocalyptic soundtrack*
  10. wow, so much for "on or around the 16th." these days are feeling endless!!!!
  11. i received a similar letter last week. i would also opt for it being completely meaningless.
  12. Couldn't hurt to do so. Many schools have already sent out their first round of acceptances/rejects, so you may very well be still in the game.
  13. so i spent hours upon hours doing research that is due friday, only to lose it all because of a computer glitch. no rejections yet, but im going over the edge. yes, i am totally emo righ tnow. just can't win.
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