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  1. I have my teaching degree/certificate but went straight into getting my masters in SLP instead of getting a job. I knew from the get-go that I didn't have what it takes to be a general education teacher. When I student taught I realized that the majority of the time is about classroom management and that many of the students get left behind in normal classes (it seemed almost impossible to individualize every lesson). I also had issues with knowing a broad curriculum-- I wanted a focus. Throughout my undergraduate classes I never felt called to be a teacher and my first week of SLP classes I k
  2. I am facing a huge decision and I cannot make a choice. I am really indecisive and my family and friends just keep telling me to go where I want but I can't decide. School A: the school where I did my post-baccalaureate classes this year. Pros: I received a TA position with a tuition-waiver and stipend of $1100/month, the TA position is tied in with the department, I know the professors and am already a research assistant for the chair of the department, I am comfortable with this city and already found a really cute apartment for next year, I have a solid group of friends here, my b
  3. I have an interview on Friday for a GTF position for next year. The interview is over Skype and I am so nervous! Does anyone have advice on how to stand out? I know they are interviewing at least 5 other people so I want to make the best impression. Has anyone ever had an interview over skype? Any tips or advice?
  4. This has been posted a few times but I'm really having a hard time making a decision. I'm choosing between two schools for my masters degree. School #1 is my current school and has a fine program, it is about $35,000 for the whole program, close to my home, and my boyfriend is here. However, I really want to get out of this city and move somewhere new. I'm only 23 and want to have a new experience and new adventure. I would have the same professors I already know and really would like to be exposed to other ideas in the field. School #2 is a highly regarded program, $56,000 for the whole progr
  5. Anyone else heading here in the fall? Also, anyone going to the open house next Friday? I'm excited to meet potential classmates
  6. Isn't it dumb that finances play such a key role? The loan calculator is what has made me realize that there is no way that I can go to my expensive school without some sort of funding. But I want to go so badly that I have been applying for every scholarship/fellowship possible. At this point I am going to do everything I can to afford it, but if nothing happens I'll just have to accept that it is not meant to be. I'm going to visit next week and hopefully that will help me make up my mind. Let me know if you decide to attend the expensive school and, if you're successful at getting funding,
  7. When I talked to the chair, she said that teaching assistant information won't go out till May. Hope that helps!
  8. Is anyone else feeling the stress of having to come up with a way to afford an expensive school? I'm trying to make my decision but it is hard to choose when finances play such a key role. How are you justifying your decision to go to a spendy school?
  9. I'm trying to decide what school to attend for a masters in speech-language pathology. I have my heart set on UOregon but it is by far the most expensive of my options. I'm already coming out of my undergrad with $33,000 in debt and don't know if it is responsible of me to add much more. How much do you think is a reasonable amount of debt to graduate with? If money did not matter, I would choose University of Oregon in a second. Should I go where I really want to go or suck it up and attend a school that I'm not very excited about that is almost half the price?
  10. Is anyone else thinking about going to Idaho State for speech-language pathology? I hadn't really considered it until I got my acceptance letter and realized how inexpensive it would be. I've never been to Meridian/Boise before though. Does anyone know anything about assistantships or how big of class they usually accept? Let me know if you are thinking of going .
  11. I'd love to hear how other people are going through the process of making decisions. I feel like everyday I change my mind about where I want to go. What factors play a role in making your decision? Any advice on how to choose without regretting it? Thanks!
  12. Is anyone going to University of Oregon's open house on the 13th? I've decided to go check it out
  13. Thanks so much for your advice!! I agree that a program that isn't used to that many students will struggle. I talked to the advisor at the school today and she is hoping that people will back out. I'm just going to wait until they announce TA positions and see if that will sway my opinion. My boyfriend is here and has a job so I don't want to leave or ask him to move for me. But I am willing to move to go to a better program. I definitely think a smaller program is better than a big one, I just need to figure out how big of a factor it is for me. Like I said, thanks so much for your advice, i
  14. I would love some advice. How much do you think class size affects the graduate school experience? One of my schools over accepted applicants and it now looks like the incoming class will be 35+ students. And this is combined with another program that will have 25+ students. So in some of my classes I would have around 60+ students. That seems ridiculous to me. However, the program is in my current city and I would have to move to attend any other program. All the other schools I was accepted to have around 20-25 students total. What do you guys think?
  15. I'm sure that you will get your email soon-- I saw that someone posted that a staff member was sick, so maybe they didn't get all the emails out today? I got mine around 3:30 mountain time. I'm not sure where I'll be going yet. I'm from Montana so that program is definitely my cheapest option but I have heard some not very good things about the program (that since it is new, it is unorganized). They want a decision by the 6th, which seems very soon! I have a lot to think about this weekend! Good luck to you!
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