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  1. Shananagrams

    New York University

    MA Public History and Archives, and grossly new to NYC for living only 1.5 hrs away. Relocation tips? Moving with a significant other...
  2. Shananagrams

    New York, NY

    Is Staten Island worth looking at for an nyu student? I Will be living with a significant other who has a 30,000 income and I have a working stipend of 14,000. I don't mind the ferry commute.
  3. I will be graduating next fall from a state university history program with an anticipated 3.8-3.9 GPA. I am looking into Master programs for Public History from Northeastern, Boston University, NYU, University of Vermont and American University. I plan on studying for the GRE this semester and taking it in the summer. However, standardized testing and I don't get along very well. How much emphasis is placed on the different subjects of the GRE for a public history program? Also, will coming from a small state university with up to five transfers credits from a community college from intersessions make it more difficult to get accepted into these programs since community college is not taken as seriously?

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