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  1. Me! Turns out I got the arrupe thing after all
  2. I applied for a PC fellowship and Arrupe.
  3. Got an email today. Offered a university fellowship, which is neither of the fellowships I applied for, but still really cool.
  4. I heard from clark today! Admitted to the dual mba/cdp program with 75% First school to get back to me about funding and I'm pretty thrilled about it. I'm probably going to do the visitor day next month to see how I feel about the city.
  5. I applied to the dual MBA/CDP program. It does seem like a pretty awesome program, though I have misgivings about worcester. I was in the peace corps with someone who is in the program now, and is really happy with his choice. He says the CDP stuff is very focused on worcester itself. Isn't that pretty different from the other ed programs you've applied to?
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