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  1. In the meantime, I finally figured out that my school is one that goes the 'direct' route - i.e. any loan applications, etc. have to be through them. I turned around the financial aid dept.'s requests for documents (mainly my tax info) the same day and am now (a week later) still waiting to see that these have been received and logged (nothing yet). After that, I assume, I can apply for Perkins/Stafford loans and the like. I'm just really antsy re my financial situation for the fall and wish I could expedite the process before the funds run out. (Because they do, don't they? Pardon my ignoranc
  2. I have not received my official package from the DGS or anyone else, and at this point can only estimate what tuition costs will be (I will be attending unaided). Nothing available from the department. I got my FAFSA in before the overall school's deadline, though. Now what? Should I go ahead and start tackling the Stafford/Perkins/other loan process now? Because, otherwise, could money run out ... if I wait for this slow-in-coming official docs to get to me? I'm sort of in limbo right now and not sure what the next step is.
  3. Thanks, everyone, for your replies. In my acceptance letter, the department made it pretty clear that no departmental assistance (grant, TA/RA, what have you) will be forthcoming, at least for my the semester. There was even an entire paragraph stressing their fervent desire etc. that I still choose to attend the program despite their inability to help me out in any way ... One fact I left out: The acceptance came straight from the department, which wanted to know my answer before they send my application on to the Graduate School for what I assume is the official, final processing. So m
  4. I was accepted into my program, accepted the offer, though I was denied a TA-ship. I am now expected to pay full tuition. I was remiss and did not meet the university's own financial aid deadline. However, I did get my FAFSA in. Now what? What happens after you have submitted your FAFSA? Does someone contact me (the university? The federal government? Obama himself??)? Do I need to do anything else proactively, or do I wait to hear back about potential loans, etc.? I am a bit clueless about this. It's been nearly 15 years since I last applied for financial aid in any form. Thanks for a
  5. I applied to one school only. Location is a factor for me: uni is already 30 minutes away, I am an older candidate, I am settled here and have two small children, etc. Haven't been rejected yet, but now I am seriously second-guessing my SOP. I think it is the sole weak point in my application. (GRE: Great V, terrible Q (English dept. website says it does not care), 6 on the writing. I applied for an MA in English - would like to do the PhD - and I already have both an MFA in writing and an MA in translation. I know that I have 4 stellar LORs, two from top/nationally known professors/writ
  6. congrats on UNC, igel & sleepingpoet! igel: I wanted to pick your brain a bit about the CU Boulder program. Just perusing their online presence, I can't quite get a handle on it. Focus? Ranking? Professors you like? What drew you there? The program *looks* very small on paper, almost like an afterthought tacked on so that people can add a bit of German to their Comp Lit. Please disabuse me of this notion if it's mistaken. I'm actually applying for English this year (I went for MA-only applications since my BA was in German, not English, though I also have an MFA in Creative Writing
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