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  1. Cheetos, I applied to UNC in November and heard back at the begining of March. I know the deadline was March 15 but I wanted my application in by December 15 so I would be considered for financial aid. Looking at boards last year I think people were finding out as late as May.
  2. Marebear... I submitted my application early, November 11. I heard March 13th. I think they are accepting people in waves. Definitely check your email a lot. It was a note saying to check my status on the web page. I know a lot of schools are still letting people know. I still haven't heard from UMD one way or another and they wanted an answer on the 20th.
  3. I was wondering what you all thought about working while in school. I have yet to hear anything about financial aid and it's looking more and more like I'm footing the bill myself (which I guess it actually really common for Masters. I'm reading a book right now and it says most funding goes to PhD students... go figure). Anyway, I'd really like a job on campus since I could count on time flexibility for classes. However I am having trouble finding any information on the website. Everything is for full time career positions. I'm also counting on being super busy with studying. Any thoughts?
  4. Hi everyone! I know that on the Fall 2012 thread most people are posting where they were accepted. Has anyone made a concrete decision about where they will be attending next year? I decided to go to UNC Chapel Hill (still waiting on any funding information) but I am so excited! Is anyone else thinking about going there?
  5. I heard today from Maryland. Recommendation for admission but waitlisted for the archives program. Feeling very stressed, as they want an answer by the 20th. I don't want to go if I don't get into the archives program! And I only have seven days to decide!
  6. missmandy33...Just wondering... when did you hear from UNC? I submitted my application Nov. 11 and I still haven't heard anything. I imagine that means I wasn't accepted?
  7. missmandy33... I will be going to UT as well if I don't hear positively from UMD or UNC! I'm also interested in archives so it will be really cool. And sadly, I am in the same boat as you are, scholarship wise. I've had a bunch of friends go off to grad school with tons of aid/GAs/fellowships that they didnt have to file separate applications for, so I assumed it would be the same with the LIS degree. Oops.
  8. Yes please do post! And yeah 15. Somehow during my research I found stats from 2008. From 250 applications, they took 46 PhD students, 15 masters students, and 13 dual degree students. I'm not sure how much has changed since then, but it put it in perspective for me!
  9. Hmmm I just called the UMD Student Services office and was told that the letters containing admission decisions were only mailed out today. And when I mentioned that I saw online that people had posted acceptances she seemed surprised.
  10. I don't know anymore! It said on the admission status check page on Testudo that no decisions would be given over the phone or in email correspondence. And the lady in the office that I've been emailing said that decisions would be sent out in the mail starting on the 5th. So now I am royally confused. It doesn't help that I am pretty sure UMD only accepts around 15 Masters students for Library Science
  11. At least email is instant. I've been thinking about it, and most programs send the letter telling you they are recommending you for admission first (if they accept you, of course.) That means waiting even longer for an official acceptance! Maryland is strange too, since I looked at the threads from last year and it seemed they used email then!
  12. Oh I've been emailing someone at Maryland. She told me that decisions were going to be made by the end of February and then when I emailed again to check in she told me that they were going to start sending letters this Monday. I live in Idaho though, so I think it will take some time to get to me . Wish they used email!
  13. I got a similar email from Maryland. All of the decisions were made this week and the notifications are being processed. The letters will be sent out at the begining of next week. Fingers crossed!!!!
  14. Also, has anyone gotten any financial aid information yet? I haven't heard a peep from the schools I've been accepted to, and I don't know if that means I'm not getting any or if they are still deciding.
  15. Has anyone heard from Maryland yet? That is definitely my top choice and I am waiting on pins and needles!
  16. littlewing... it took about two weeks. I only had to send two transcripts and they got there pretty quickly. I think it was about three weeks between applying and hearing from them. And they notified via email... so much better than snail mail.
  17. I've heard From UT Austin, University of South Carolina and San Jose State! Just waiting on Maryland, North Carolina and Simmons (who say my decision has been mailed). Anyone else heard anything?
  18. I heard from UT Austin today. Apparently the department is recommending me for admission. Does anyone know what that really means? My admission check page still says "under review". It's stressful because I only have 30 days to notify them to hold my spot! I have four more schools to hear from...
  19. I just recieved an email from San Jose State inviting me to join their Fall 2012 class in the Mara program. I applied on a whim after reading that they only required transcripts. Does anyone know more about this school or program? I also applied to Maryland, Texas, South Carolina, Simmons and Chapel Hill. Would like to hear from them before I make any sort of decision.
  20. Has anyone applied for this program and have they done the interview? I need to schedule mine but I was hoping there were some of you could let me know how best to prepare.
  21. Hello all! I am wondering where everyone applied for Fall 2012. It would be great to find out when everyone hears from the schools because I've been looking at past year forums and it seems like some of the programs keep you on the edge of your seat for months. I applied to; University of Maryland, College Park University of Texas, Austin University of South Carolina University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Simmons College Where is everyone else going??
  22. I applied to the HiLS program at UMD for Fall 2012 and I am wondering who else on this board applied for that program. Reading past year forums I saw that UMD doesn't have any financial aid... is this true??? Seems pretty bizarre for a public institution to have no funding for graduate assistantships. Anyway, would love to hear from y'all!
  23. Hello! I submitted applications to: University of Texas at Austin University of Maryland, College Park University of South Carolina University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Simmons College It seems a lot of us have chosen similar programs. I've been scouring the internet trying to figure out when they sent out acceptance information but no luck yet (I submitted all of my applications as early as I could). Has anyone heard about when they let us know? I figure it's in March sometime but I would love to find out earlier. I took two years off from school after receiving my undergraduate degree and the sooner I know, the better for my current job. If anyone can shed any light on the subject that would be great. Also, did anyone apply for the dual degree program at Simmons? It sounds fantastic! I'm very interested in archives and getting a second masters degree in history seems ideal.
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