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  1. Greetings, I'm just curious. Does anyone have any knowledge of how competitive admission is to the SAIS doctoral programs? I imagine it is pretty strong, but I'm curious if anyone here has more details or actual experience. Cheers, J
  2. Paper letter? Did you get off the list?
  3. I've seen some impressive recoveries from the waitlist on this board. Waitlist to full fellowship at an Ivy League program, waitlist to full fellowship at my beloved U.Va. I was recently waitlisted at my top pick for a history MA program. What do you suggest for next steps? I replied that I would enthusiastically accept the waitlist. Any other steps people have taken? Worth contacting a professor in charge of the program and tactfully explaining one's continued enthusiasm for the program? Any other steps you suggest? Or is it better to not even risk being "annoying" and just WAIT it out? I'd love to hear your stories and suggestions.
  4. Hello everyone, I am currently deciding between attending Georgetown's MAGIC program (MA in global, comparative and international history) or NYU's World History program (also a MA). My ultimate goal is to use the MA as a steppingstone to a doctorate in transnational history. Do any of you have an opinion on which would be a better program? I'm currently leaning towards Georgetown, because it seems as if their program is geared more towards helping graduates pursue doctoral degrees and professional careers, while the NYU program appears less focused on those two things. Maybe I'm mistaken... What are your opinions? Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Hello, I received an offer from one school with a 4/15 deadline. The other program told me they would grant me "extenuating circumstances for sure" and that it would be their "pleasure" to let me know early, because they had an admissions meeting in "early April." I still haven't heard. Do you think an MA program just wouldn't send out an "early rejection" and that I should accept my fate? Or perhaps I am being too conservative in my understanding of early April? Thanks! P.S. I know this sounds paranoid...oh well!
  6. Does anyone know acceptance rates for the MA in International/Global History at Columbia-LSE and/or the NYU MA in World History? My cum. GPA from U.Va. was 3.66. I graduated with distinction. My history GPA was 3.90 and my foreign affairs GPA was 3.67. Have participated in Teach for America for the past three years, but while at U.Va. I drafted a DMP thesis and co-produced a PBS documentary. Pretty good (I think) references! Accepted already for a Georgetown MAGIC degree, but just curious what you all think...
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