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  1. Hi Multicutural! I just decided to accept my offer to be a PhD student at University of Miami. I am still trying to get to know more about Miami...but I will tell you what I do know. In regards to housing, unfortunately no grad students are allowed to live on campus. We all have to find our own apartments off campus. I am not sure what time of apartment you are looking for. I am looking for a 2bd/2ba and they run around $700-$1000 a month (per room- depending on the quality of the place). I have seen cheaper deals on craigslist (to rent a room in a house etc), however I have not visited the area yet so I am not sure. You can email me if you want to chat more Good luck with your decision!
  2. thanks for your help, t_ruth!
  3. did you attend university of miami? if you did, were you happy with your experience there? would you suggest going there for graduate school? have you heard anything about the business school phd program? i saw on the website that grad students aren't allowed to live on the campus apartments. is this true? where is a good place to live off-campus? is it hard to find an apartment and do you have to apply for the apartments early (when should I be applying for apartments if I start in August)? are there any good furnished apartments? i found a place online called red road commons. do many umiami students live there? if so, is it easy to find a roommate to live there? i hope to live in a 2bd, 2ba and live with another miami grad student. i would be moving to miami from california and do not know anyone out there.
  4. i have been accepted at Buffalo Have you visited the campus?
  5. Has anyone been accepted to University of Miami?
  6. phdresearch

    Miami, FL

    Has anyone been accepted to University of Miami, visited the campus, or does anyone know anything about the school? University of Miami is actually located in Coral Gables. Has anyone been there?
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