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  1. Your post is very helpful because you do share some of the same thoughts that I have. It a sense, it is the past of least resistance, but I kind of feel like leaving (once I have a job and such) would become the new path of least resistance. I don't know, I just keep going back and forth. I'll just keep pondering, for now...
  2. And that's the thing - I'm not completely miserable, it really goes back and forth. Today, I am enjoying my work - tomorrow, I might not like it so much. But it is all doable, I have a great advisor, and a great lab. So its not the environment, per se; its just trying to figure out if deep down, I really like this. We have to do a research internship for the research experience, and to do continuing work that we can then publish. I doubt I'd lose regular funding for a normal internship, but it would be frowned upon. And yes, I am sick of course work, but that's not an issue. I'm tak
  3. What is the point? Trying to answer that question myself. I don't want to leave and regret it later - I don't want to leave and then get a crappy job and potentially miss out on something awesome in the PhD life. I do think I could be a good PhD advisor, but I don't want to be one. Regarding internships, I'm currently looking to have one this summer (at my advisor's urging), but it's not a typical internship - it "has" to be a research internship in my field, so I feel that wouldn't be super different than what I do now. I am however looking at jobs - I'm basically browsing job sites and
  4. Thank you all for the replies! I'm going to respond a bit out or order, so bear with me. I don't know that I feel the need to be on the bleeding edge of tech development, and I would not totally agree that the age of HW development is over. The major processor manufacturers who fund most students in my lab and take many of our graduates for employees are doing some cool stuff. I don't feel the need to try and be one the most successful members of the industry - I do want success, but I want to make sure I really enjoy the work I do, too. I did some temporary contracting work for a su
  5. No worries about the rambling - like I said, all comments are appreciated! I can see what you're saying there, and all I know is that right now, I'm leaning towards thinking that taking an MSE is the right thing at this time. I just don't want to let people down, I do enjoy the work I do for the most part, and I have a great lab and advisor, so its hard to think about saying goodbye. And sure, maybe I would want to come back in the future, but maybe not.
  6. Hey there everyone, I'm new to this site, but not new to grad school. I'm currently a 2nd year student in a PhD program, and as the subject of this thread indicates, I'm having some second thoughts. I have second thoughts several dozen times every day, and I'm leaning closer than ever before to leaving with an MSE. I am currently taking my last course, and will graduate with the MSE this coming April. The question is: Do I start looking for a job now to start in May, or stick it out for another 3-4 years of the same grind? I should say that I work in the Computer Architecture field, wh
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