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  1. Most important lesson I've learned in my entire life. I would rather pass the exam of honesty and fail the exam of knowledge.
  2. Dear guys and respected ladies, I totally appreciate your suggestions. Well let me clear up the air a bit. I am an international student and this is my first year at US university. This sort of copying/collaboration is considered a common practice from the part of world where I come. Not that I meant it is the reason we passed all those exams/TOEFL/GRE that way. But there is little such honor policy. Usually we as students try to get ideas from others, if and when we do come at stages when we are unable to originate the concepts ourselves and apply that in our own styles. And coming to university level, we know that we can at no place escape by direct copycat, at least we must be able to use our brains even to modify the things that we have taken ideas. So my mistake although a few recurring times, I must admit that, I am not free to use ideas and works that are not mine as my work, which in this case what happened to me. I studied online resources, in which I happen to find the solution, understood how it worked and then implemented it. My part of fault was that I was not right to take ideas from others, but also I should have cited my reference, so that I provide the due credit to the original composer. I am not being unrepentent, I was just ignorant. I have now realized how dire the consequences can be and although its hard to say that I will never again look for solutions, I will promise to myself that should I ever refer to some resources online, I will definitely give complete credit to that and mention the source of my knowledge. The reason I used the infamous quote was that I meant, almost everyone in my class does refer to some solution if found, on the case is that I have been stupid enough. Besides I haven't collaborated with anyone else or taken solution from another peer in the class, although in practice it might seem there is hardly a difference in either case. However, let me make this vow, I have learnt my mistake, I have realized the consequences and I stand to the fact that I will not repeat this mistake again and wherever possible enforce the proper rules of academic integrity to all I can identify in breach of it. And as for the professor meeting, I will be honest and accept whatever penalties that I get. Once again thanks everyone. I hope the posts under this topic become a guiding reference to all starting their graduate career, especially those who tend to come from international places and are not habituated to strictly following proper academic integrity. To Peace.
  3. Thanks everybody for suggesting. I hope more people can help me. And I am not looking to escape anything, all I want to know from you guys is how best to face this awkward situation and what worst or normal can happen to me. I am already sorry for my foolish act ( But, a thief is one who caught stealing, not one who stole and was never caught)
  4. Please anybody with experience or knowledge do give suggestion. I am scared to death.
  5. I am in trouble. I referred to a solution for an assignment on book exercise, online and basically copied it down. However later I found out that the solution was for the older version of the question. Now my professor has found out that I and 3 others have copied from the Instructor manual and has summoned me in two days time. I am very worried about this. I am a TA myself. I don't know what to do or clarify. Please suggest what can happen to me and what I should do.
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