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  1. Thanks TakeruK! I learned from the linguistics program, that academia is NOT for me. I found research intellectually interesting, but prefer working directly with youth. I find it more fulfilling. I appreciate your reply!
  2. So I graduated from undergrad with a BA in Linguistics and a minor in Psych in August 2008, did a couple years of grad work in Communication Disorders-Speech Language Pathology, before leaving to switch to grad program in Linguistics. I left the SLP program, because of my own speech issues that I was unaware of until I was in the program, a lack of support, and anxiety issues. Rather than really thinking things through, I then applied to linguistics programs, got in with a full fellowship somewhere and went. I ended up experiencing major anxiety and was very unhappy. I left after one year, in
  3. txelizabeth

    Tempe, AZ

    I live in Tempe and, while I managed with the bus system my first year out here, that was when the bus pass was free. Now it costs money to get the bus pass, and I wouldn't be surprised if the price goes up (even paying for a day pass has more than double in price in about 3 years). Besides, my car has been so much more reliable than the city bus or Orbit systems. I live 4 miles from work and can get there in maybe 15 minutes by car. I would have to give myself close to 45 minutes to use the bus sytem to get there plus walk a bit to the office. The buses here aren't great and lots of odd chara
  4. Well I got the last letter today from UConn- the expected rejection. I think I was most upset about UMich and disappointed about UMass and UT, eh about the rest. I already emailed UIUC and officially accepted awhile ago anyway. I've also been looking for rooms/roommates in Urbana/Champaign and have a plane ticket to go visit in April. I also have plans to get a puppy or dog when I move, so lucky for me I'm talking to a girl with a room available who has a dog and is open to a roomie with a pet as well. I'm excited about UIUC's program, though nervous to be away from everyone I know. Anyone els
  5. Who posted the UConn website rejection? And where can I check my status? I submitted my app in October before they switched to a new app Nov. 1st, since I'd already started it, so maybe that makes a difference too.
  6. Make that 4 rejections in one week...
  7. Whether it's worth it or not depends on whether the debt you take on is reasonable for the salary you will earn after graduation. For me, I'm in a M.S. program now that gave me a stipend and a partial tuition waiver (only needed to pay 1/2 instate tuition vs out-of-state) my first year, then a stipend and full tuition waiver for my second year. I owed just 10 hours a week as a research assistant. I did have to take some loans to fully cover my living expenses though. For the M.A. that I expect to start this fall, I've been offered a full tuition waiver and a nice stipend, amount dependent o
  8. Yeah, I had that before, but now it says: "As of February 10, 2012, the status of your application is denied." with a "many qualified applicants...blahblahblah..." when I click on 'denied.' And, I also got an email that suddenly popped up tonight, referring me to the website. Thanks for your support too Good luck to you!
  9. Thanks for the help. And I'm not sure when I'm visiting just yet, to the person who asked. So, if I have a pair of leather boots that I've sprayed 2 coats of weatherproofing stuff on, will that be okay for walking through snowy/rainy weather? Hmm, and I don't really have a coat, just a variety of light and medium-ish thickness jackets and sweaters and a hoodie. Will layering a few of those over a long sleeve shirt help? I only even have two thin long sleeve tops.
  10. Two rejections in one day, awesome. Well it looks like I probably won't even have to decide where to go, but at least I like the program I was accepted to. Ugh, just kinda down about getting rejected from my top choices in the same day. For undergrad and my current grad program, I got into every school I applied to and with funding, so this is new for me. Trying to focus on the excitement of starting the program I'm accepted to and moving and all that jazz.
  11. I'm planning to visit Illinois next month to check out UIUC, but I've only lived in Texas and Arizona so I have no idea what to wear. Any suggestions? Here in AZ, I wore a tank, shorts, and flip-flops yesterday, so I'll be really out of my element. I've already been accepted, so I don't need to dress up or anything. I appreciate any advice or ideas you have. Thanks!
  12. I haven't had internet for a couple of days, but UMich decided to reject me. I hate this whole stupid process.
  13. Thanks, I'm hoping so! Good luck to you too
  14. I know, and I'm really grateful. It's just disappointing that I may get rejected by all the rest of my schools. I'm still hoping for good news from UMich though. *fingers crossed*
  15. Ugh, things are not looking good for me these days... Congrats to to people though!
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