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  1. Foreign Service Officer Career Question

    I agree with most of the comments above. In my opinion, the most challenging part of the process is the oral exam. Here, they are mostly testing your abilities in problem solving and leadership. For folks in this forum, I would assume that the written exam would not be as difficult. The background check and wait can feel like an eternity but is well worth it if you are placed. I would also mention that the foreign service is an abslutely rewarding career. However, my sense is that more and more folks are not looking at it as a career and are sticking with it as long is it makes sense for one's purposes/family etc. Of course, in this economy, it does make perfect sense to stay in any job - much less the foreign service. Last diddy - when applying, I would make sure to study up on the cone that you apply to as it is difficult to switch cones. That said, if you are an ECON officer, you can serve a tour or two as a POL or Management Officer. However, to get promoted, it really does behoove you to serve tours in your cone. Everyone serves a Consular tour in their first couple of tours. Best of luck to all!
  2. Public Policy PhD - Any Admissions Results?

    Hey Marchesini, para bens!! I know SUNY Albany has a great public policy program and am also familiar with their international development work. I've been traveling for work so it's been difficult to get back to this thread. Nevertheless, you deserve a nice Brahma, my friend! Mcdonaad, I haven't heard anything about admissions decisions at Ryerson but good luck to you!
  3. Public Policy PhD - Any Admissions Results?

    50_50, Brutal! Yeah, who knows why some schools take so long to get back to you. However, I asbolutely concur that it would be a tremedous topic for PhD research! Best of luck with the UMD program - I'll definitely let you know if I hear anything from them. Also, I must admit that the name of their online system is pretty amazing! I think it's the name of the mascot (a turtle). Dammy, yeah, the Michigan program has a great reputation. With a master's in economics, it's seems to me like you are already a great candidate. I think we are all a little critical of our own statements in applications; however, once we get in, we'll look back at those statements and admire how masterful they really were! I'm interested generally in U.S. Foreign Policy and would be thrilled to get into any of the schools I applied to! Anyway, as always, I will let folks know if I hear so much as a peep from any school I applied to. To this point, I have not been contacted for any phone interview at Michigan, NYU, Syracuse, Maryland, Duke or Cal. Has anyone else? Of course, I'm not sure if any of these schools even do phone interviews.
  4. Employment Prospects- MPP

    m4g1c0ff3, since I don't have an MPP, take my advice with a grain of salt. I have a couple friends who work for some of the consulting firms you mentioned and it seems like it really is all about networks and who you know. If you have a good reference from someone who works at one of these places, it really is a foot in the door. I would look into the alumni networks at the places you want to go to school, ask around, and see if folks end up at the consulting firms you're interested in. I think work experience is also very important. For example, Booz does a lot of business with the U.S. Government. As such, if you have some USG experience in an area that Booz is working in, it would help tremendously. I'm sure an HKS degree is real solid and that some of the firms you mention actively recruit there, however, my sense is that the most effective way to get a job at one of these places is through your own networks (that will obviously be expanded after you complete your MPP).
  5. Public Policy PhD - Any Admissions Results?

    Dammy - sounds good. Thanks for sharing. I don;t knwo much about the Pardee RAND program but I think there is another thread on Grad Cafe that explains a little more about it. If you don;t mind me asking, what are your research interests within public policy? I heard Michigan's program is really strong.
  6. Public Policy PhD - Any Admissions Results?

    Marchesini, as I stated in my previous post, you da man. Of course, a brahma would work just fine anytime! Sounds like the admissions process is treating your girlfriend very well. Of course, I wish you and everyone on this site the best! I am still playing the waiting game but per 50_50's post above, it looks like at least for some schools I won't hear back for another month or so. Anyway, is there a particular prof that you are interested in working with at UCSD?
  7. Public Policy PhD - Any Admissions Results?

    Marchesini, you da man. You started a PhD in Brazil while applying to others in the U.S. Really, a great move because no matter what happens with your application to U.S. programs, you're already in one! Plus, to be honest, Rio is much cooler than all the other places you could potentially live with the possible exception of Albany - just kidding!! Tough situation to be in with your mulher but I'm sure things will work out for the best. Please do keep us posted if you hear anything back from the schools you applied to. As for me, I haven't heard anything. I pretty much applied to the same places you did (with the exception of Albany!) and will definitely post when I start hearing back from places. A question to you and anyone else who reads this thread - has anyone been contacted for phone interviews for Public Policy/Administration PhD programs from Michigan, NYU, Syracuse, Maryland, Duke or Cal?
  8. Public Policy PhD - Any Admissions Results?

    Bend Rn Bender and 50_50, thanks for the responses! Yeah, the wait is brutal but hey, it's all good! I just don't know if there are many folks applying to PhD programs in Public Policy. It's most definitely not a traditional area for doctoral studies and for some of the programs I applied to, I had to specify a concentration area (e.g., political science, economics etc.). I also don't plan on parlaying the degree into academia; rather, I would like to use it to help get a higher-level policy analysis job in the field of international relations. BenRn Bender, I appreciate the solidarity! 50_50, yeah, I had a couple of those "throw ins" as well. Unlike you, I am absolutely certain that the adcoms are laughing at my SOPs and pretty much every other aspect of my application! Anyway, best of luck to you both. I'm off to a lunch reception where copious amounts of wine will be imbibed!
  9. All right, folks. This is post #1 for me. I think I fit the the textbook definition of an avid lurker. As such, I am taking the bull by the horns and ending my pathetic lurking streak with what will most likely become a boring and rather insipid post. So, I applied to several Public Policy PhD programs and haven't heard anything back yet. In particular, I wanted to know if anyone has heard anything from Cal, University of Maryland at College Park or Duke. I heard that most of these places do phone interviews and from the results page, my understanding is that in previous years applicants selected for phone interviews (for said schools) were notified on or around the last week of January. Any insight that folks have would be most welcome!