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  1. Does anyone know when do we pay for the housing and meal plan? Is it simply deducted from our fellowships?
  2. Applied: 4 Accepted: 3 I agree with everything that has been said except the amount of schools to apply to. I think people should apply only to schools they are honestly interested in. Also, every application should be tailored accordingly to the programs, so that it shows the genuine interest in them, not cold, statistical calculations.
  3. If you're stressed out about the embassy process, you can use this tool and check how long does it take to get the visa: http://immigration.about.com/gi/o.htm?zi=1/XJ&zTi=1&sdn=immigration&cdn=newsissues&tm=3&f=00&tt=12&bt=1&bts=1&st=38&zu=http%3A//travel.state.gov/visa/temp/wait/wait_4638.html For example for my city it's only 1 day! Also, I believe there's something called fast visa processing for urgent matters. But I'd trust your university that they know what they're dealing with and relax
  4. That's great! I think we've met there? The faculty and students were all absolutely amazing and I'm sure you'll have great time studying there
  5. In Oxford there are people with PhDs from e.g. Adelaide, Pisa, Nijmegen, Paris and probably other places as well (I've done only a quick research on people with non-English surnames, so it didn't work for Americans). But the conclusion is that you can be hired there no matter where you come from, you just have to be good enough.
  6. Me too do you have the graduate housing figured out?
  7. All I can advise is not thinking what other people would do or think. Let them gawk as much as they want, it's your life and you know yourself and your goals the best
  8. Why not two birds with one stone? I'd do the classical survey and attend linguistic classes. Because I'm not sure if the complete resignation wouldn't affect your future chances of working with the same professor. Good luck with the decision!
  9. Yes, that's right. I haven't received it yet either. And what other schools told you?
  10. Oblomov, I resigned from Yale, I still need to do it oficially (because I'm not home yet and don't have the papers needed), so I hope it will go to you Scaeva, you're welcome, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you whatever you decide to do! And yes, I've heard about your school
  11. I applied there as well and I took the silence as a rejection, yes, but I'm fortunate enough to be admitted by my first choice school and I've already resigned from others (this goes to Oblomov as well: I think there are big chances for getting the spot!). Did you apply to any Italian programs? I considered that, but my Italian is not even half as good as English...
  12. Yes, absolutely - besides knowing the language it is also helpful to know what to do with this ability. Scaeva - there is someone already admitted to Harvard and someone wait listed. All the official decisions had to be sent via slow mail till today.
  13. Even though others have similar experience in languages, it still is good for you, the value of knowledge doesn't change. At least I hope so
  14. That depends, I've met american people who had Latin or Greek or both in high school and I met people at my university who had no experience whatsoever.
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