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  1. Hey Jahiliyya (and space.cadet), You should check out Syracuse when you start looking at Geo departments. They even have a joint professional program in Public Administration. Their MA and PhD programs in Geography are excellent, and they have several faculty working on water rights, political ecology, historical struggles around resources and resource extraction, public space, political and social movements and a great deal else.
  2. I don't suppose you might know when UCLA plans to send out their rejections...I have to assume at this point.
  3. I am also 2 in, 2 out. Out at Berkeley and Clark, in at Syracuse and Rutgers.
  4. Congrats to you as well, and I share your hope.
  5. Berkeley rejection came today. I had been told informally, but the email still stung a bit.
  6. rowlf, I saw that post also. It seems that same person posted slightly different information later (interview at Clark instead of UNC) with the message "wrong post below."
  7. tommy, All the people you mentioned are excellent. Huber, Perreault and Sultana are all very active, very engaging and (though quite different) all very kind, agreeable people. Mitchell is obviously fantastic as well. His classes are usually full of students from any number of disciplines and also auditors who are well beyond coursework, and for good reason. Perhaps we'll both end up here next year. It's certainly an excellent program (for a number of specializations) with a great faculty, and the grad student community here (even beyond geography) is really fantastic as well.
  8. tommy, Unfortunately I do not. Having applied here myself, I would obviously love to know, but the committee is pretty tight-lipped. Who, may I ask, are you interested in working with here? Just curious, no worries if you'd rather not say.
  9. andrade, I heard second-hand (a professor at Berkeley via a professor in my current department, Syracuse). Does this make sense? My current advisor heard this directly from my (formerly) prospective Berkeley advisor. I have written this three times, it doesn't seem to get less confusing...
  10. andrade, I heard informally from Berkeley that decisions have been made. I was in the reject pile, unfortunately. I assume that people who were accepted already know, but I cannot confirm anything.
  11. It seems like everyone is applying to Clark this year.
  12. Thanks tommy. Your choices are solid as well. I heard the same of Rutgers, but decided to apply anyway. I like the faculty there, and it would be great to be close to NYC (my partner, an artist, would appreciate this). Are you one of those that has heard from Kentucky?
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