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  1. Ah, thanks for the clarification!
  2. Is that common? To get unofficially notified? What does that mean? (if you don't mind me asking)
  3. Mine too... I was hoping to hear before the holidays but that hope is slowly dying out!
  4. If it's a footnote, cite as needed; if it's a "References" space at the end, it's more professional to order alphabetically
  5. I don't understand this question. Why anyone would a) reverse their decision in the first place or esp after being awarded the NSF GRF. I've heard that if you get awarded you may get a rejection changed to admission but NEVER the other way around. Why would anyone do that?
  6. But is that even true re: F-H being more prestigious than a Fulbright? I had never even heard of a F-H until grad school, but applied (and become a Fulbright scholar) to Fulbright as an undergrad. I'm a PhD student in Soc and they seem to be at the same level of prestige, if F not a little bit higher. (Of course, NSF DDIG is more prestigious than both of them in my field)
  7. I would not worry about that at all. If anything, an NSF GRFP could help bc it shows you can get federal funding. But pre-dissertation funding, and post-doc funding are two completely different things. Post-docs will most likely be based on your output while in grad school (e.g. publications, etc)
  8. It seems like its about par for the course. You are getting what every other TA in your year is getting. Like a pp said, they're not there to screw you. That's what being a TA is - going to lecture, preparing for your own section etc. Also, in my experience, most of the time no one comes to office hours. You do your own work.
  9. Seems like you are taking the right steps. Negotiate a time to meet, and then meet. The faculty member could probably answer your questions about a TA/RA position
  10. Since 2012-13 Boren fellows are listed on the website, I doubt many more, if any, alternates are going to be upgraded http://www.borenawards.org/boren_fellowship/current_fellows.html
  11. I don't think it would count as "full time course work" bc you'd be finished with courses. You're still be enrolled, doing work full-time, but things other than courses. However, I would email or call Ford Foundation to be certain
  12. Water28 - I haven't heard back, any other alternates still checking the board and can give an update?
  13. It seems like you are basing a lot of your assumptions of the program and how it's run by the "tone" of the faculty member. As previously mentioned, often faculty members aren't in a position to offer funding (especially in the social sciences, whereas in the natural sciences, faculty often support grad studnets via work in their lab). That doesn't seem like credible evidence. Once you are accepted, faculty want to recuit you to pick their university. That's part of the prestige of the program, not only in the number and level of talent of their applicants/admits but also in the percent of adm
  14. I also applied to the NSF DDIG and was asked to revise and resubmit my application in July and will hear back from them in November. That would pay for my third trip in Jan, but if I don't get it, I'll pay out of pocket (my advisor also said he might have some research funds to help me). For my summer trip, if I don't get the Boren, I received some summer funding/grants from my school that will cover my airfare and one month of housing, the rest will be paid out of my pocket (grad stipend). Not much choice other than paying for it myself since its for my dissertation Good luck to you kbui
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