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  1. That program looks interesting and I would be willing to go abroad for a Masters. That specific program requires students that would need a visa (which I would) to apply by an early deadline that has already passed. Thank you for the information though, it is defiantly a program I will look at if I decide to sit out a year and reapply.
  2. While there does appear to be some exceptions (both schools that have a Ph.D program and M.A. funding, and schools with only the M.A. program that do not fund) generally I've found schools with a terminal masters are more likely to offer funding. Also, it is probably a mental aspect, but I feel I am more likely to be accepted to schools that offer terminal masters.
  3. My Ph.D applications have not been going well (presumed rejection from 3 schools, 2 of which are lower tier). I have turned my attention to looking for schools that offer an M.A. program in political science (Comparative and IR) with at minimum a tuition waiver. Its not a requirement for me, but if I end up attending a Masters only program I would like the school to not have a Ph.D. program. The schools would also have to have a late deadline. So far the list I compiled is pretty short: Ohio U, Louisville, and Portland St. If anyone out there has more schools for me to look into it would be greatly appreciated.
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