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  1. After 5 months of the work world I have decided that applied work is not for me and I must go back to the more "pure" form of math and otherwise. I would like to apply for grad school in mathematics (interested especially in set theory and mathematical logic) this year in order to attend next fall. I have started studying for the general GRE and will soon begin studying for the math subject test. Over the summer I am planning to take the first semester of Advanced Calculus and take the second semester in the spring. There are a few questions I have that I was hoping you guys could help with! First, I have taken the following math courses: Calc I & II Multivariate Calc Linear Algebra Complex Analysis Probability Theory Math Statistics (Statistics Theory) Abstract Albebra I & II Along with my math courses I had a minor in philosophy (including a formal logic class) and worked as a math tutor during my senior year. Are there any courses that I should consider taking over the next year? Second, I have not done any research or participated in any extracurricular math stuff. Are there any research programs that are available to post-undergraduate but still pre-graduate? I have done a little searching but have been unsuccessful in finding such programs. Third, I am uncertain as to whether applying to a Masters or a PhD program would be the best choice. As of now I fully intend to complete a doctorate, but I am a little worried that I may not have the credentials to initially be accepted to a PhD program. Any suggestions of programs, websites, etc. to look at would also be appreciated, thank you!
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