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  1. Any State-side folks get their cheques yet? I'm just wondering when I should be expecting a letter....
  2. They send out email confirmation. Don't worry!
  3. I study mostly labour literature, things like union songs and poetry. I've been known to dabble in children's lit, but I stay close to Marxist theory. Fun stuff! What about you?
  4. Hi meva0701! I am funded; not sure about brier. My experience was really good. I spoke with professors prior to applying, which helped a lot. And so far the department has been super helpful, although I can't say the ame for the International Students Office yet. Slow getting back to me. Anyway, nice to meet you! I'm sure we'll see each other around!
  5. Hey all, My department just informed me that I was awarded the 4 year SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship. I am elated, especially since I will be studying in the States, and I can take it with me. I don't know my score yet: I have yet to receive the letter in the mail. But here are my stats: Starting first year of PhD in the fall MA SSHRC 5 conferences, including one international conference and one graduate conference 1 journal article in undergrad journal, peer-reviewed, single author 1 book chapter, coauthored A few miscellaneous grants from undergrad and grad studies 3.7 undergrad major GPA Member of various committees, elected to a few positions I study labour history and literature. I spent far too long on my proposal. Good luck, everyone!!
  6. I believe that last year's thread indicates it doesn't mean anything.
  7. GUYS!! SSHRC confirmed via Twitter that the results have been mailed! (better late than never)
  8. My university hasn't heard anything from SSHRC yet.
  9. I wake up to all of these new messages in this thread, and I almost fall off my chair. It might not be a troll, since they (historically) should be releasing the results via mail tomorrow or Friday. FREAKING OUT.
  10. I'm going to go with: SOP, Research experience, Publications/Conferences, LORs, GPA, GRE, without counting funding cutoffs and things. So, this is based on an already-competitive application. Just for fun.
  11. Good stuff! There can't only be two people on this forum going to WSU, though. WHERE ARE THE REST OF THEM!?
  12. I'm assuming WSU? I'll be living in Midtown. I don't own a car, and I prefer walking/cycling. Well, if you're at WSU in English, nice to meet you!
  13. When they say "watch your mailbox," it means nothing. They said that same thing a bunch in their twitter feed over the last two years, and historically speaking, it does not indicate that the result have been sent. They will explicitly state that "the results for the doctoral competition have now been mailed." I anticipate that this means that they'll be posted late next week, which was my original estimate.
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