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  1. Thanks folks, I am getting very anxious now to get started! Hard part is finding housing now, after being waitlisted for so long I am a bit late on the whole game. As for the links and book recommendations, I am grateful for it. Cheers! Ann
  2. I have been out of school for almost 5 years now, and returning to get my Masters in Organizational Behavior, but I just realized I may be a bit rusty. Things like how to write a paper, or what do students these days use to take notes (laptops, notebooks?), etc. I know the questions sound a bit amateur, but it's been so long that I find myself scrutinizing over these details. So I guess my question is- what is a good starter kit for study materials and grad school life guides that I should be looking into? Perhaps that is what Orientation Day is all about?
  3. I just got off the waitlist! Going to the Master's Program in Organizational Behavior (Psychology Department). I am in SF right now and would love to know how to get started within a month for housing, etc. Anyone else going? Tips? Recommendations?
  4. Yes, you're right. That makes sense. Oh if only we were all undergrads again. This process is tiresome and humbling.
  5. Hi everyone, Just found out my first choice was denied. How do I appeal if I wanted to, and what makes it a strong enough case to do so?
  6. Speaking of OB, anyone heard of the OB Master's Program at Claremont Graduate University in California? If so, did you apply or hear about their program? I applied but I'm on their waitlist. No word of my position on it yet. Still waiting and waiting.... Thanks.
  7. It is getting close to the last days, are any of you still waiting? I am still waiting from SFSU for I/O Psychology, and I'm on the waitlist for CGU for MA in Organizational Behavior. Anyone still waiting or heard from these schools by any chance?
  8. True about the SOP and letters of rec. I got great ones this year, but it still didn't cut it. Feeling like the emphasis on grad level courses and more research experience is the only measurable way to go for now. Thanks.
  9. So I have come to terms that I will most likely get rejected from the two (yes only two) schools I applied to for fall 09, and I want to know from others out there, what can someone do to boost their experience and application for next fall? Here are some stats: no cumulative undergrad GPA, but estimated GPA in Psychology major 3.0 GRE verbal 460, quant 620, writing 5. experience in research within the field I want to enter: 1.5 years so far in Organizational Behavior (aka I/O Psychology) BA in Psychology 2005 That's all I got so far, but I am interested in taking graduate courses in
  10. Thanks everyone. Yes, it's true, I'm in a vulnerable phase right now. Admissions process is a very humbling experience, and I've become easily influenced by anyone's "advice" lately! 30 is just a number, but to some traditional people, it's when everything is supposed to be somewhat settled. Damn them all. I will post my results as I get them in.... Cheers!
  11. i'm nearing 30 and was given the advice that if i don't get accepted for fall 2009, i shouldn't try for fall 2010, i should just try to find work and start creating a career path. two problems: 1. no jobs to allow that to happen for me. 2. no experience besides my BA in psychology +admin work +some nonprofit volunteer marketing +some research in organizational behavior= scattered. i wish i could tell admissions that this is my now or never period. so frustrating. still haven't heard back from admissions, but expecting a decision this week or next. my future is based on the next tw
  12. Thank you, professor2000. Could there be any possibility that I wasn't actually accepted, or is this pretty much a "sure deal" now? No worries, I won't be relying on your advice, but it would be nice to at least think there's a chance....
  13. So if in the possibility that it did matter, how should someone convey the intention that the applicant would potentially pay for any amount out of their own pocket for any fees not covered by financial aid? Hm?
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