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  1. It feels good to know I'm not the only one! I originally applied for Spring and then changed the term to Fall. For Spring decisions, the grad committee of the math department didn't meet until 12/1, so I was kind of expecting that I'd hear from them pretty late. Wondering if I should email them about my application status..
  2. Thanks! I'm already in at another school but I still really hope I get in since it's my first choice. Waiting for a decision is slowly driving me crazy.. :\
  3. Well, I finished my bachelors degree in January, so I submitted an improved SOP, that included a paragraph about my recent 5 month internship (which counted towards my degree) and the thesis I wrote at that company (both graded with an A). Also, my GPA went up from about 3.1 to 3.4 during my final 2 semesters. I am an international applicant, btw.
  4. So..here's the story. I originally applied for a Masters degree for Spring 2012. When I finally heard back from the school, this is what they told me.. "Their recommendation is that you not be admitted to our program at this time. They did indicate that they might be more open to admission if they could rank your application along with the other incoming applications for the Fall of 2012." Do you think I have a realistic chance at getting in this time? I don't know what to think about this and I haven't heard from them so far. I still have a tiny bit of hope left, since the email mention
  5. Has anyone who applied for a Masters/PhD heard back from UWM yet? They are the only school I haven't heard from and my application status has been 'referred for review' for ages.. I am just wondering if I should give up on them or if they simply haven't sent out their decisions yet.
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