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  1. Quant. Sociologists - please recommend readings

    Mostly urban soc. and stratification (especially in developing countries like India/Brazil)... though who knows how these interests might change in my first year as a Sociology grad student!
  2. I wrote a (economics) senior thesis that I was quite invested in and I'm definitely considering modifying it and continuing to develop it in my PhD program (maybe not necessarily as a dissertation but at least as a qualifying paper), particularly because my topic (about favelas in Rio de Janeiro) deals with very recent data that will get updated in the next couple of years.
  3. Quant. Sociologists - please recommend readings

    Thanks! I'm reasonably familiar with how STATA works, since I've used it quite a bit in economics. What I'm most interested in is, I suppose, examples of sociology applications of the kind of regressions I'm familiar with in empirical economic analyses. (this link looks like a useful manual to have on hand though)
  4. Quant. Sociologists - please recommend readings

    Thanks guys, this is exactly what I was looking for.
  5. Hi guys, I'm entering sociology from a different undergrad major (econ.) and I was wondering if there is some contemporary work (in quantitative sociology preferably) that you could recommend to me to help me get a better sense of the field. I figure many of you will be more knowledgeable than me at this point about the research happening in sociology right now, so I would trust your recommendations over random google searches. (I am not as interested in the topics as getting a feel for the methods used) Thanks!
  6. Anyone saying no to Chicago?

    Thanks for letting me know and good luck wherever you decided to go!!
  7. Anyone saying no to Chicago?

    If any of you are turning down an offer of admission from Chicago, I would love to know! I am on a short waitlist, and it is my top-choice school so you can imagine I am getting a little anxious right about now. Thanks
  8. Acceptances/Rejections/Decisions

    Maybe they don't rank so that rather than going down the list they can admit their ideal cohort in terms of interests? So that they have a balance of interest areas... unfortunately this keeps you guessing where you stand, which I know from experience is annoying (I'm also waitlisted at another school) In either case, wish you all the best!!
  9. Acceptances/Rejections/Decisions

    Starbucks don't be heartbroken - there's definitely still hope. Especially with UNC. I got admitted and they really made it a point, more than other schools to mention in their emails that they would really appreciate knowing early if we were going to accept the offer or not, which made it sound to me like its probably a pretty dynamic waitlist. Anything can happen!
  10. chicago

    Just found out I am on a 'short wait list' anyone else in the same boat? Trying to see what my chances of getting off the waitlist might be.
  11. University of Florida Sociology PhD

    I heard back about a couple weeks ago saying that the committee viewed my application "favorably" and funding details were to come through in a week (though they haven't yet) I think they are just a little slow in processing applications - and its also done on a rolling basis I'm pretty sure so when you hear back might have to do with when you applied. I applied at the end of December.
  12. Austin, TX

    I'm about 90% sure I'm going to UT for my PhD next fall and am looking for roommates to share an apartment with. I'd rather not drive so I'm trying to live reasonably close to campus - if anyone else is in the same situation and want to do an apartment search together hit me up! I feel like a 2/3 bedroom apartment is likely to have a better per person cost than getting a one bedroom Also any more info on the co-ops would be appreciated