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  1. rollingmountainthunder

    Notifying Employer

    I was wondering the same thing. I have been working part time and my current supervisor was excited yesterday because unknown to me she had my postion approved for full time. I am feeling major guilt....I was waiting for my acceptance before I told her about wanting to get my MSW. Grr....I think I am going to have to tell her before. I just dont know when.
  2. rollingmountainthunder

    Applying to U of Denver, Washington, and Portland State - anyone else?

    I have applied to DU as well and appreciate the head up on box popping up for "Admission Decision" and then the sudden appearance of the buttons. My final LOR was received on 02/20. They told me I should be hearing something in the next 2 weeks. Untill then, I wait ....for a letter or the buttons.

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