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  1. I called last friday and K.Vonner told me that they had made a decision for my application. However she mentioned that she was not allowed to inform me herself. Has anyone received any news from stanford? I applied for the structure PH.D program. Great thanks! God bless you all!
  2. I am posting this for my friend who is going to UCB this fall. He is a gay and wants to find a gay roommate since he is scared by discrimination and other potential inconvenience. In my opinion, he is a good person: no bad hobbies and pleasant characters. If anybody wanna to get contact, please write to him directly:UCBHome@gmail.com. DON'T send message to me pls. Thanks.
  3. I think I'd better go to UCB, the climate you described are horrible...I am not a person okay with hot summer and cold winter...Thanks for the message...
  4. Thanks! This has been of great help and you have my sincere thanks!
  5. Yeah...I think MIT probably will not be a comfortable place to live...
  6. I heard Berkeley is pretty hot in the summer. And additionally, Berkeley is located beside the sea( in the Bay Area?). 'cause I have acne, I am worried that with such a climate with hot and wet summer, my acne might break out. This is tooooooo freaking out!... On the other hand, MIT is on Cambridge city, which seems always be cool( even cold). The doctor said that this may do good to the acne. Anyone in US knows about this? I know this is quite a trifle...But I am so concerned...
  7. Thanks...I think probably I will make my decision without stanford...It hurts...
  8. I just hope they won't inform me on fool's day like what ETS did to me as for my TOEFL score....Waiting really can drive us crazy
  9. For me what matters is whether there is a conclusion...Actually I just wanna finish my waiting...
  10. I know all I can do is to wait. But I am not the lonely puppet on this string. I have other choices...It's just I love it too much...Mine
  11. I have applied to Stanford's Struture Engineering this fall. Have any guys heard from them? I searched the result, there are only a few whose truth I serious doubt. I am nearly crazy. I called the office and had been sending emails. Those guys didn't even bother to reply...I am speechless... I just need a conclusion. Does this request go too far? We have paid $105 for reviewing our materials. Isn't it even worth an email to inform us the decision? Mine...I am totally insane now...
  12. Personally, I suggest you going to School A. I don't quite know about your family financial situation, but I do think funding is a serious problem, especially when your study is going to extend years long. If the city is just in countryside, I think it's quite okay for as you discribed, School A is fantastic, then I suppose it enjoys high reputation. In that case, I guess location should not be taken into account. Good luck and congratulations on your offer!
  13. Yeah...I guess that's right...Actually I am personally betting on Berkeley, just loving it so much... Great thanks! I think I could make my choice now.
  14. It's just Berkeley's Alumni mostly in academic fields...I am worried that their connections with industry might be not as strong as MIT...
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