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  1. Johankid, check out this link: http://studentaffairs.stanford.edu/gradadmissions/admitted/financing-expenses Since most MS students take 8-10 units per quarter, your tuition fees for three quarters (Autumn, Winter, Spring, and assuming you are not going to be taking summer courses) would come to $28,560. Your total living allowance for three quarters would be $26,082, according to the same website. So your total for the first year, assuming you are not getting any financial assistance or funding, would be around $54,642. If you do need financial assistance from the department though (as
  2. Hi Poovath and johankid, nice to meet you guys! No details on funding (actually, I did not ask for funding). I plan to apply for a TA/RAship after the first quarter.
  3. Nice, and no I don't really know a lot of people heading there. I do know that a friend of a friend from Anna University got in, guess he's taking it up. I don't know anyone directly. :-( And nice to meet you, Slorg!
  4. I'm in SRM University, ECE final year. How about you? And yeah, where is everyone else? :S
  5. Okay, nice! Are you taking up Stanford?
  6. Hey, I did check. Sent a response too! Did you not get it? :/
  7. Hi all, I've been admitted to the MS EE program in Stanford (specialization: Networking). Got my admit last month (on Feb 21st).
  8. Hey tjc and adirao90, nice to meet you. I'm from Chennai.
  9. Hey Kate, nice to meet you. I heard that the dates for grad student open house at Stanford are on March 8th and 9th (not sure of this, though). Won't be able to make it since I'm in India. It would be nice to discuss plans. I haven't started looking for accommodation yet, will have to start soon.
  10. Hey! Anyone joining Stanford for Master's in Fall 2012? I am, and I'd like to know who else is! I've gotten an admit for the Master's program in Electrical Engineering (Networking).
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