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  1. I know many have this in their sigs but the result section gives u no idea if there are pplwho are w8ing for the same school/program as u.. Which schools/programs are you waiting to hear from.. Me : Uconn(PhD, CS) Note: if you have an Accept/Reject, please post on the results page and not here... ty
  2. Just curious, did you get any acceptance letters in April? Are there any of u reading this who are intl students and got acceptance letter(s) in April? On a related note, the April 16 phenomena is definitely true.. If you don't get an acceptance by April 15, you're most certainly rejected.. :-(
  3. Ok, so I checked up on my application and they told me that my application has been recommended for admission by the Graduate Program Committee and is currently under review by the faculty. Then I "social engineered" the secretary and found out that my file is not in the stack that's lying there. It's in her database so she said that it's probably been picked up by a faculty member whose area of research is the same as mine. Next I talked to a professor there personally and managed to convince him to have a look at my file. He said that my file had not reached him and that he was on the admissions committee so he would look at it at some point in any case. The secretory showed me my name in the database and it seems that there are around 40-50 other names there. I found out that they are accepting around 20 students this semester for this program. Does the fact that a faculty member is looking at my file and another is definitely gonna look at it improve my chances, which right now are about 50-50? They state on their website that for international students acceptances will be "processed by April 1". I dunno if this includes I-20 and other documentation stuff. I haven't heard from them yet in any way shape or form. My 2 cents are that the adcomm will have a meeting before 1 April and based on faculty recommendations, accept the 20 candidates that they need. Then they will send out acceptances and rejections/wait-lists. On the other hand, they might have started sending acceptances and plan on sending out rejections as a batch after the April deadline. Every day that goes by without me having received an acceptance makes me more nervous.. Wat do u think?
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