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  1. No going anywhere...Got my last rejection today. I will register in my undergread as a non degree seeking student and take some graduate courses . Next year I will came back even stronger and try again... Good luck to those who are still waiting ... Please keep in my mind that this is just LIFE!
  2. You are exactly right about the wailist system.. Thats where I'm in the school I apply to and they told me the wait can go till en of may , but the second waive is after April the 15 th.
  3. Going through the same thing,, Got rejected from 3 school including my undergraduate school. Now I'm waitlisted to my last school and top choice. I have to stay focus and keep a positive attitude.
  4. I am on the same spot.. Rejected everywhere , but waitlisted on my top choice . The DGP told me that the situation will be more clear until April the 15 when those who got accepted give him a response. He asked me to be patient.
  5. Well 2 tops school waitllisted me , and those are the ones I have left.. My faith hangs in a balance... Well see.
  6. See I told you you are on the waiting list. Dont think about top candidate or not just hope for breakthrough and being accepted... I'm on the waitinglist in two major institutions for the same reason : funding... Just hoping for the best ... What else can we do beside waiting and hoping for the best..
  7. Hey You might be on a waiting list , so just send the email directly to the graduate director . That is what I did to find out that I was waitlisted.. Btw I applied to Uiowa
  8. I apply to 4 schools ( one is my undergrad) , so out of the 3 I have one rejection and waitlisted in the 2 school for support. my future seems on a balance right now.
  9. Thanks... Sorry about the typo , and yea I typed on my phone.
  10. I have been waitlisted for the same reason TA positions... from my two best school Iowa University and UMASS. I got this email from Iowa : "I do not offer admission unless I can offer support. I have not denied admission in your case, but at this time, I’d say it is not likely that I will be able to find a TA position for you. Sincerely,--" wish left me comfuse.
  11. I'm a Master student , but he told me earlier this month that I was close to the cutoof
  12. I recieved this email from the graduate program director at umass , and it sounds as if I'm on the waitlist for TA position. Please tell me if I have the right to be hopeful about this... the email is below: "The department has only a few TA positions for the Statistics M.S program for fall 2012. Offers have been made to a number of applicants, who are not obligated to reply until April 15. I expect that we will hear soon from some of those people whom we have admitted while others might wait until April 15. In short, the situation is still fluid. As soon as we make a decision on your
  13. @wzsamd it feels better to know somewhat who is the same boat as me. At least you got the interview already with uiowa .... Did he told you that you whre closr too? @ECGsholard lol actually it's a typo lol .... He did not tell me which position i'm on his waiting list , but he did say that I close to the cut off for the waiting list.. HARD stuff...
  14. I guess we'll see* Also waiting for Oregon state
  15. You are absolutly right.. I'm still waiting for Iowa U , I'm going to get in into my indergraduate school ( do not want to attend)... I guess we'll ..Thanks
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