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  1. In short: I think I would love to go to CMU, in order to fully indulge the path I feel I want right now. But the cost and uncertainty loom large over the fact that I am good at academia, and they are apparently very good back to me.
  2. After trying to hedge my bets and applying to two different kinds of programs two unexpected things happened: 1) I was accepted to my first choice school for an MA in Professional Writing at Carnegie Mellon University 2) I was accepted by my second-ish choice school for an MA in English at Northern Michigan University, but also funded basically full tuition and offered a teaching assistantship with an additional $8,000 stipend Carnegie Mellon offers help as well, by waiving about 45% of the tuition, but that would still leave me with approx. $10,000 to pay each semester. And there are a
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